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Is Harriet Harman guilty of ballot-rigging, industrial-scale robbery and breaches of Data Protection Act?

As I explained a few hours ago, Harriet Harman knows she cannot get away with stealing £3 from those she encouraged to vote in the Labour leadership contest only to tell them after they did so that she invented rules … Continue reading

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Harriet Harman has opened up the Labour Party to massive damages for theft.

I heard Harriet Harman interviewed by Shaun Ley on BBC Radio4 this afternoon. What she said is very important. Every socialist who paid £3 needs to check this out and unite. You can all organize a class action lawsuit against … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn is our leader. Harriet Harman can’t harm us. The left united will never be defeated

It’s not a two horse race between Jeremy Corbyn and Yvette Cooper as some now suppose. What we have are three anti-Corbyn candidates who can barely contain their hatred of each other, their bag carriers taking this to quite extreme … Continue reading

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Abolish the House of Lords. Immediately. Fair votes to the House of Commons. Immediately.

David Cameron has taken powers into his hands that are not trusted by the seventy six percent of the electorate that did not vote for him. This is especially true of the sixty three percent who voted against him at … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn nailed in on Andrew Marr Show. Why? He’s a democrat.

There are several reasons why Jeremy Corbyn did so well on this morning’s Andrew Marr Show, as he has in pretty much every outing since he entered the race. And these reasons will keep boosting his support until the three … Continue reading

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Harriet Harman’s GCHQ Tendency!

Jeremy Corbyn is on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in ten minutes. I hope everyone will watch. Marr and the rest of Rona Fairhead’s CBI HSBC GCHQ glove-puppets will be trying to smear Jeremy due to so many socialists paying £3 … Continue reading

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Nicola Sturgeon fights GCHQ spies to protect democracy across the entire planet

I had assumed that Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon would have taken it as a given that GCHQ and NSA are spying on everything she does, just as they do Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, … Continue reading

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