Impeach David Cameron and charge Theresa May with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

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Firstly, do I want to make everything I say on Facebook public to everyone the way I want all my tweets to be accessible? Why not? May as well. Difference is I trust Twitter. They are much less likely to work with Theresa May or the NSA to close down an account and destroy my archive, as Mark Zuckerberg has done for about half a dozen previous Facebook accounts, destroying private communications with friends, private information Theresa May’s chums could use to blackmail me and others close to me.

I don’t trust Facebook’s bosses. And I am suggesting to every socialist who has an account to be very careful how you use it. Don’t be so naive as to think anything you say to political friends/lawyers/investigative journalists/campaiging MPs won’t be shared with Theresa May to have you illegally detained/tortured/locked up without access to a lawyer, and smeared in Rupert Murdoch’s SUN as a ‘terrorist’. Do NOT trust Facebook.

I am going to use facebook for a few reasons. Firstly, unlike Twitter, I don’t need to cut my thoughts into 140 character bites. That is SO limiting. Facebook gets around that. And hopefully the people I know who I want to see this stuff will manage to see it before Theresa May tells Facebook to clear it away/ destroy all archives/close down this latest account/and destroy all my communictions that could be used to undermine Theresa May and her menagerie of police spies who continue to this day to pollute the left, and not just in Scotland, and who work with corrupt judges, Regional Procurator Fiscals, Chief Constables, and senior editors at BBC Scotland. Paul Hutcheon is in the frame. One of the reasons I’ve decided to get this information across now is the latest smear campaign by him, that was shared by Lynn Sheridan yesterday. Paul Hutcheon works with these corrupt police spies, and he has knowingly done it to as part of a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice that goes right to the heart of 10 Downing Street. Paul Hutcheon knows that those who let Andy Coulson off did so in defiance of the law. Theresa May and David Cameron are criminals and Privy Council member Douglas Alexander sat on evidence that can verify what I’m saying. And he protected Labour Home Secretaries going back to Jack Straw and the head of the so-called parliamentary scrutiny committee allegedly protecting us from the state rapists and pedophiles of Special Branch and MI5 at Kincora etc. After Douglas Alexander refused to see me to discuss this matter that was supposed to be being pursued by lawyers due to breaches of European law, Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw were both victims of a sting that lead to their being utterly discredited as the personification of corruption. And now they’re being helped by Rona Fairhead’s HSBC and helping David Cameron destroy freedom of information that can lead to his being impeached for all sorts of crimes, including breaking the law over Syria.

My guess is it won’t be too long before Theresa May phones up people at Facebook and demands that my account is closed down and what I’m writing deleted from their archives to help protect her and David Cameron and all the police spies and corrupt judges and Chief Constables and journalists she has used to protect each other. If I’m locked up again, tortured, denied access to a lawyer, based on lies signed off by a corrupt judge, then I’m going on hunger strike and the only people I will speak to is my MP, Mhairi Black MP​ and one or two journalists I trust. My problem with speaking to individual journalists in secret is they have editors and all of them will be spied on. All the best ones will be targeted by GCHQ and NSA. And all could be victims of Theresa May’s use of corrupt cops, the ones who engaged in state rape, perjury, razor attacks, illegally surveillance against Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP, Doreen Lawrence, and probably every single socialist on facebook.

Paul Hutcheon’s article has an interesting timing. I think he is working with Theresa May and David Cameron for a clampdown on all our civil liberties. This is bound to be connected to MPs being on holiday and isolated from each other, with zero opportunity to democratically hold David Cameron and Theresa May to account. This is also what their working with Harriet Harman recently is all about. She is helping David Cameron and Theresa May empower the MI5 criminals whose illegal war created the forces that have given birth to the psychopaths of ISIS, or whatever we are supposed to call them these days. Harriet Harman’s dodgy relationship to PIE seems to be forgotten and forgiven by the friends of MI5 who she is now helping to cover up what they have been doing for generations at Kincora. Can we join the dots here? Or is that one of David Aaronovitch’s ‘conspiracy theories’? One credible working hypothesis is that this is a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours deal between MI5 and Harriet Harman, to stop them blackmailing her about naive crap she was involved in when she was even more stupid than she is now. That may turn out to be untrue. But it’s definitely worth thinking about. Why won’t Andrew Neil, for example, ask that question as he praises her idiotic performances at Prime Minister’s Questions?

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