Jeremy Corbyn should prepare for the mother of all smear campaigns.


Read this article in the Guardian yet? The one about Yvette wanting to fight to save the party she loves. Very interesting stuff. Not in the bag. But the left across Britain have a lot going for us whoever wins on second preferences. Let’s not blow this comrades.

The left isn’t united around everything, and we wouldn’t want that anyway. But we do have many common interests, and we have common enemies to undermine.

Jeremy Corby is one of us. And he is set to deliver a knockout blow to most of our enemies, including Harriet Harman’s entire front bench who have proven themselves unworthy of the name of ‘Opposition’, rolling over to have their tummy tickled as their reward for having their brains, spine and heart removed.

Jeremy Corbyn is definitely going to win massively amongst trade unionists. At that point the shallowness of Tory broadcasters is laid bare before everyone. The seventy six percent majority of Britain’s electorate that did not vote for David Cameron’s dictatorship wakes up and smells the fear at the heart of this rotten Tory government.

Tory broadcasters pollute ninety percent of news, politics and current affairs at the main UK Networks, at least where television is concerned, radio not being that much better these days.

The left can, finally, start to shatter the illusion that we are anywhere near as unpopular as Evan Davies and Caroline Quinn want us to believe. In fact on many issues, we’re already extremely popular.

The left’s problem is, alas, our atomization, with far too many of us assuming we are on our own because the entire media says no one agrees with us, and surely they can’t all be lying.

Jeremy Corbyn is on course to prove the BBC, SKY, Channel4 News myth to be just that: a fallacy, an honest-to-goodness fabrication. All three of the alternative candidates will have to try to develop a strategy to stop Jeremy Corbyn’s seemingly unstoppable bandwagon. But there is no easy way for them to agree on anything.

Personalities matter, and all three of them have skin in this game. It’s become a three dimensional game of chess, a game of bruised egos and greasy pole wannabees, each aspiring to become the next £100,000,000 corrupt war criminal. Their individual teams  are all fighting for a limited number of cabinet places. And their petty squabbles can’t be massaged painlessly away. At least, not without secret deals in smoke filled rooms, deals that would be leaking and damaging everyone involved.

Jeremy Corbyn would probably be home and dry if he only had to worry about the three alternatives for Labour leader. Alas, there is more to it than that. Theresa May and David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch’s SUN, Times, SKY News and Rona Fairhead’s Taxdodgers Alliance will be on the look out for dirt on any number of the left-wing activists who decided to pay £3 to get a vote on who is the next Labour leader. Watch yourself, comrades.

Everyone, don’t fall victim to an MI5 sting, or fall victim to one of Bob Lambert’s entrapment-specializing perjurers. And always remember that if you do get caught doing something stupid, you have to fess up and take personal responsibility, certainly not letting the British Establishment make Jeremy Corbyn bear one iota of responsibility. We are only responsible for our own actions, not other people’s.

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  1. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Tom Watson’s fingerprints are all over Dispatches infiltration squad. I smell the rotten stench of Theresa May’s MI5, with GCHQ blackmailers and Special Branch’s state rapists luring naive youths into entrapment. Jeremy Corbyn should raise this with Theresa May at Prime Ministers Questions this Wednesday. This is not me being wise after the event. Here is what I predicted before Jeremy Corbyn won last year’s leadership contest.


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