John Mann, Lady Butler-Sloss and Theresa May’s Kincora coverup?

lady butler sloss corruptionjohn-mann

Dear Jonathon Dimbleby,

According to my copy of Radio Times, Jeremy Corbyn is due to appear on this week’s Any Questions. Had been looking forward to that. Having him on alongside Lady Butler-Sloss was going to set the cat among the pigeons in this week when we are reminded of how Theresa May used her to help protect the heart of corruption.

John Mann has been protecting Theresa May’s coverups by voting to hand more powers to the MI5 pedophiles and Special Branch state rapists, perjurers and murderers who have been getting away with murder (quite literally) for generations, threatening to murder Tony Benn if he ever was elected British Prime Minister.

Imagine my disappointment when I discover that neither Jeremy Corbyn (Tony Benn’s favorite MP) nor Lady Butler-Sloss is on this week. Now, of course it’s possible that Jeremy pulled out due to other commitments. If that’s the case then of course you are off the hook. But if you, or anyone else at Rona Fairhead’s BBC, choose to pull him, why on earth would you do that?

And what is your excuse for pulling Theresa May’s discredited CSA Inquiry boss as we discover more and more about John Mann’s friends in the British Intelligence agencies covering up the Kincora scandal for almost half a century?

What’s going on, Jonathan?

Yours sincerely,

Tom Delargy

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