Why would John Mann help Harriet Harman to protect David Cameron and MI5?

David Cameron and Theresa May's friends in high places

David Cameron and Theresa May’s friends in high places

Time for Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters to go on the offensive here. John Mann worked with PIE-friendly Harriet Harman and Liz Kendall, with Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham a few days ago to help David Cameron utterly humiliate the Parliamentary Labour Party over the Welfare Bill. Why on earth would he do that?

To the best of my knowledge, all those who abstained to help David Cameron, reducing Labour to a humiliated catastrophe, also voted to give more powers to the very same MI5 creeps who have been covering up the pedophile scandal at Kincora Boys Home for the last four decades.

Attempts by investigative journalists like Paul Foot in his historic ‘Who Framed Colin Wallace?‘ was punished by so-called journalists (who smeared this heroic whistle-blower as a Walter Mitty fantasist) and by the MI5’s stooges at the top of the Tory Party, including Tory Party chief-whips like Tim Fortescue who openly admitted they blackmailed their own pedophile MPs to vote with them, rather than having them prosecuted for  child sex abuse.

What about Bob Lambert’s state rape unit in Special Branch? The unit that routinely engaged in perjury and entrapment to frame good socialists? Why are John Mann’s friends in the PLP quite so keen in giving them more powers to spy on the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott? And why are they all so keen on helping empower those who drafted dodgy dossiers that helped corrupt war criminal Tony Blair get an illegal war that lead to hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead, creating precisely the conditions for the deranged psychopaths we now know as ISIS, armed to the teeth and financed at some points by the CIA or by NATO-backed totalitarian states like Saudi Arabia?

These Special Branch friends of Harriet Harman paid Steak Knife to murder their own informers and then blamed others, framed them, prosecuted them, and they also colluded with Loyalist death squads to murder Catholic Civil Liberties lawyers like Pat Finucane.

And these are the scum that John Mann wants to have more powers to spy on socialists, crusading MPs like Tom Watson, and investigative journalists who tried to blow the whistle on Kincora pedophiles?

And John Mann is also unapologetic in working with the HSBC tax-dodgers of the Daily Telegraph, the ones who used David Cameron’s ministers to corrupt the general election with a fabricated document to damage the potential of a progressive anti-Tory alliance in the much-anticipated event of Tories failing to win an overall majority?

John Mann is a vile little toady of MI5, Special Branch and the HSBC megaphone formerly known as The Daily Torygraph.

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2 Responses to Why would John Mann help Harriet Harman to protect David Cameron and MI5?

  1. TomDelargy says:

    Reblogged this on WORKERS UNITED and commented:

    Noticed today that an article I blogged almost a year ago is getting a fair few hits. Possibly John Mann’s recent deranged psychopath routine (alongside Murdoch, CBI and HSBC puppets, all denying any conspiracy with this MP with a Mein Kampf fetish) may explain the sudden interest. Anyway, I reread it and thought I’d see if anyone else is interested. Feedback is most welcome.


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