Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Harriet Harman’s GCHQ Tendency!


Jeremy Corbyn is on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show in ten minutes. I hope everyone will watch. Marr and the rest of Rona Fairhead’s CBI HSBC GCHQ glove-puppets will be trying to smear Jeremy due to so many socialists paying £3 to get a vote. Most of those who are my Facebook friends will have paid that money or at least considered it. I suggest we offer feedback to Andrew Marr in real time using Twitter hashtags: ‪#‎Marr‬ ‪#‎MarrShow‬ ‪#‎JezWeCan‬ ‪#‎Jeremy4Leader‬ etc. Twitter is the social media powerhouse for the left getting our message across. It is the broadcasting equivalent of universal suffrage with everyone having an equal abiity to broadcast to everyone else, unfettered by GCHQ’s cheerleaders like Andrew Marr. Jeremy Corbyn is quite likely to be stopped by Harriet Harman and Theresa May telling Labour MPs they MUST stop Jeremy Corbyn facing David Cameron at the dispatch box every Wednesday at 12:00pm at Prime Minister’s Questions. The reality is Jeremy Corbyn is galvanizing support while the other three lead campaigns that are falling to bits. All these candidates and most of the PLP who abstained to help David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship over the Welfare Bill voted to give MORE powers to the MI5 pedophiles at Kincora to spy on MPs and journalists and lawyers and MORE powers to the state rapists of Special Branch. Harriet Harman’s entire Shadow Cabinet will work with Theresa May in any way they can to stop Jeremy Corbyn, and if that requires illegally changing the rules to stop him winning, they’ll do that, and face the lawyers bill down the line. Theresa May, David Cameron and George Osborne will no doubt tell them they’ll fix a judge to get them off the hook, or pay their legal bills if they can’t corrupt the judge and jury. If Harriet Harman had no problem with Tories saying they’d pay £3 to vote in Labour’s leadership election, it’s a bit late for her to pull the plug because socialists are doing the same. Rules are rules. The left has to unite to expose John Mann et al. And we need to make our case on Twitter and in radio call-in programs, demonstrations and every way we can.

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