Abolish the House of Lords. Immediately. Fair votes to the House of Commons. Immediately.

Abolish the House of Lords

Abolish the House of Lords

David Cameron has taken powers into his hands that are not trusted by the seventy six percent of the electorate that did not vote for him. This is especially true of the sixty three percent who voted against him at the general election. Democracy means people rule, but voters were lied to repeatedly by broadcasters in the pocket of Tory editors and proprietors who do whatever Rona Fairhead’s HSBC and CBI tell them to.

David Cameron gives more and more powers to the MI5 spies and to Special Branch undercover cops like Bob Lambert who have been caught covering up networks of Tory pedophiles for generations, working hand-in-glove with Tory Chief Whips like Tim Fortescue.

David Cameron and three out of four of the candidates for Labour Leadership all voted to give more powers to spy on crusading MPs like Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott.

David Cameron wants to seize more and more powers to spy on and entrap whistle-blower victims of these criminals in British Intelligence and their protectors (possibly blackmailed protectors) at the BBC’s ludicrously misnamed ‘Trust’, Channel4 News etc.

David Cameron desperately seizes more powers to intimidate lawyers who need to be very worried given what Special Branch did to Pat Finucane. Loyalist death squad collusion, paying Stake Knife to murder their own informers. That’s the depths of depravity that is being covered up by Rona Fairhead’s HSBC ‘Trust’.

David Cameron needs his political police to escalate the scale of entrapment to corrupt the democratic process. Just as the FBI’s cross-dressing J Edgar Hoover put surveillance equipment into Martin Luther King’s bedroom, David Cameron’s state rapists, pedophiles, torturers, murderers are boasting about how they no longer care about democratically elected MPs and MSPs and MEPs who want to protect constituents who have suffered at the hands of these undercover cops.

We may be witnessing a new phase in David Cameron’s crushing of democracy with the Lord Sewel sting. Looks to me like it’s been organized by Rupert Murdoch, who seems to have no problem with George Osborne’s ‘alleged’ use of prostitutes and illegal drugs as he cut his own taxes and that of Cameron’s government of millionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires. An illegal drugs user who not only hires prostitutes but has been given the power to drive more and more young women into poverty, offering them little option but to sell sexual favors in order to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table for their children, or simply pay the bills as their student debt grows and grows and grows. Why doesn’t Rupert Murdoch show us the illegal surveillance of George Osborne’s illegal use of drugs and sex? Because he’s surrendered to blackmail?

David Cameron needs to be held to account by the voters. By all voters. His so-called majority government is not popular. Evan Davis and Caroline Quinn are simply telling porkies about this. What the Prime Minister wants to do is crush the last, precious, vestiges of democracy. Polluting the overblown House of Lords with yet more of David Cameron’s degraded glove puppets is the last straw. Get rid of the toxic waste that is this Medieval Monstrosity. Do it as a matter of extreme urgency. And in the process let’s introduce fair votes to the House of Commons as we in Scotland have at Holyrood. That way no vote is wasted just because we don’t fancy The Hobson’s Choice of David Cameron or Ed Miliband, or DavEd Camerband as I prefer to call him.

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