Harriet Harman has opened up the Labour Party to massive damages for theft.

Harriet Harman and David Cameron joined at the hip on MI5 at Kincora

Harriet Harman and David Cameron joined at the hip on MI5 at Kincora

I heard Harriet Harman interviewed by Shaun Ley on BBC Radio4 this afternoon. What she said is very important. Every socialist who paid £3 needs to check this out and unite.

You can all organize a class action lawsuit against the acting Labour leader, her Shadow Cabinet, Labour’s National Executive Committee and their treasurer and anyone else who agrees to do what Harriet Harman has threatened to do.

Harriet Harman said she’s keeping the three pounds that has been handed over to vote in Labour’s leadership election. It is far too late for Harriet Harman to change the rules after so many have paid their money.

If the Labour leader didn’t draw the rules up correctly in a legally-binding way, making it clear what does and what does not make your vote ineligible, then she cannot steal anyone’s money.

The fact that Harriet Harman shut up for months as Tories like the ludicrous Toby Young boasted about how they’d pay £3 to buy a vote means she encouraged everyone to hand over cash with no intention of it buying anything. This, Comrade Harman, is fraud.

There can be no doubt that lawyers will have told Labour’s acting ‘leader’ that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The left needs to exploit her descending deeper and deeper into a level of corruption that will lead to her massively losing cash, and the last shreds of credibility for herself and for all the Shadow Cabinet members who let her get away with these threats. The Labour Party needs to immediately sack her.

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