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Defend Jeremy Corbyn’s broad church. All England’s left should join Labour asap.

Harriet Harman’s purging of trade union leaders like the wonderful Mark Serwotka exposes her as nothing else possibly could. Labour was set up by the trade unions in 1906 when the Liberals betrayed them.  That’s well over a century ago. … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn should transform Labour into a broad church capable of uniting the left

Those denied our right to vote for Jeremy Corbyn should welcome his now virtually-inevitable promotion to the first Labour Party leader in decades actually worth voting for with genuine enthusiasm. We have been deemed ineligible to vote by a rabid … Continue reading

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Labour’s crack-pot McCarthyism leaves it looking hypocritical, incompetent and manipulative.

Originally posted on Iain Macwhirter:
If they can’t run a competent leadership election, how can they claim to run a competent government? The membership purge launched by the Labour establishment in their efforts to block Jeremy Corbyn, is not only…

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Jeremy Corbyn is the democratic antidote to British Establisment liars.

It is not just Harriet Harman’s entire Shadow Cabinet who (according to the Daily Record‘s editor, reject Labour’s core values, and shouldn’t therefore, presumably, be allowed a vote in the Labour leadership contest) who are ganging up on Jeremy Corbyn. The … Continue reading

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Yvette Cooper supports MI5 entryists. Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote

I have not been ‘weeded out’ by the Blairites who are themselves Yuppie Entryists, the ones who used MI5 to draw up a dodgy dossier to get them their illegal Iraq War. I can’t prove (yet) that the three hour … Continue reading

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Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Tony Blair and his #MI5 entryists

Dear Comrades, The British Establishment has gone to war with us. The left has to think with our hearts and with our heads. I registered as a Labour Party supporter yesterday after thinking about this for some time. I did … Continue reading

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I’ve registered. Jeremy Corbyn can unite England’s left. And of course he’s electable. Next question.

I have just registered to vote as a Labour supporter. I have done so for a variety of reasons. Like Tony Benn once said, “Jeremy Corbyn is my favorite MP.” Jeremy Corbyn has been my favorite MP since Benn himself … Continue reading

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