A specter is haunting the British Establishment. The specter of Jeremy Corbyn?


Tories like Toby Young pretended they wanted Jeremy Corbyn to become the next Labour leader. They even went on camera to promise to pay £3 to vote for him. Now they’re trying to get the vote canceled because it looks very likely that they’ll get their wish. Wonder why they’ve had this change of heart?

Could it be the Tories finally grasp what the more intelligent of them could see from day one: Jeremy Corbyn has actually given the 76% of voters who didn’t vote for David Cameron’s dictatorship something worth voting for?

Could it also be that they understand that to the extent other contestants in the Labour leadership refuse to budge in Jeremy Corbyn’s direction they toss votes to him with frightening speed? And that the center of political gravity has been perceptibly shifting all across British society in the same direction as a direct consequence of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign?

Is it not furthermore obvious that to the extent Emily Maitlis, Norman Smith, Victoria Derbyshire, Caroline Quinn, Matt Frei, Gavin Esler and the rest smear Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters Labour Party voters are simply switching their tellies off, that they’re laughing at how stupid these Tory liars are?

The British Establishment is exposing themselves day-by-day as in the pocket of the MI5 protectors of Tony Blair’s war criminals, not to mention their own role in covering up child sex abuse at Kincora, and senior Tory ministers like Leon Brittan and Tim Fortescue and MI6 agents for half a century.

The more enthusiastically the British Establishment direct their venom on Jeremy Corbyn, the more popular he becomes. There may be a reason for that. So, keep it up, you stupid Tory bampots. Keep it right up. 

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