David Cameron’s diarrea party is all going horriby Pete Tong

Jeremy Corbyn attends the West Belfast Talks Back panel at St Louise's College, as the Labour leadership contender has said the British Government needs to fund Northern Ireland's welfare system properly and warned of increased poverty because of Tory plans.

The Huffington Post apparently think Clause Four’s appeal is ‘controversial’: Jeremy Corbyn could bring back Labour Party’s Clause IV on public ownership? What’s so controversial about wanting a level playing field that doesn’t hand unwarranted privileges to those lucky enough to be born with a rich mummy and daddy?

Resisting wealth inequality that’s been cascading down the generations – across millennia even – should hardly be controversial in any sane society. It’s all about exposing the mythical ‘legitimacy’ of unearned income. It’s about resisting exploitation built into the bedrock of capitalism. It’s about solidarity with those of us with nothing to lose but our chains. It’s about human rights, rather than the property rights of a tiny handful of pampered class warriors who control those special bodies of armed men running amok all across the world and who have also – until quite recently – been able to mangle the voters’ access to democratic debate.

Face facts, you Tory bastards: the left is coming. And the rich and powerful elites who own the means of production, distribution and exchange are shitting themselves. Don’t you just love the stench of Tory diarrhea in the morning?

In case the Tory liars at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel5 want to misrepresent what I’m saying here, let me be absolutely clear: expropriation without democratic control is not on the cards. The left is woefully divided on the rate at which this process can take place. The more radical wing of the socialist movement accept and welcome the challenge of persuading the majority on this and everything else. All we ask for in return is access to democratic channels to put our ideas forward. We, unlike John Mann and Harriet Harman, have nothing to fear from debate. And we won’t be voting to give Theresa May’s MI5 pedophiles nor Special Branch’s state rapists more powers to spy on anyone, regardless of what we think of their political views.

Jeremy Corbyn has a less radical attitude towards public ownership than I do, and I’m utterly relaxed about that. Jeremy is inspiring the left to crawl out of our ghettos and actually talk with, and listen to, each other. We are feeling good about this, and about making friends with each other all over again. And the younger political activists are loving it. Everyone is loving it. Everyone apart from the Tories and the Blairites? Aww. Bless.

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