The left must unite behind Jeremy Corbyn. All we need is love. Democracy. And £3 for a vote.


If you want Jeremy Corbyn to become Labour’s leader, taking David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship apart every Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions, providing all the left with a home in a single party capable of uniting against Tories under this wretched first-past-the-post caricature of democracy (in England at any rate; we have something much better in Scotland), then don’t wait until it is too late. We have until noon this Wednesday to register for a vote. After that, it’s gone forever.

This is not about whether we think there is a parliamentary road to socialism, however broadly defined.  Nor has it anything to do with how happy (or otherwise) voters are with the state of the Parliamentary Labour Party or with Jeremy Corbyn’s potential Shadow Cabinet. And it doesn’t exclusively depends on having to sign up to every dot and comma of specific policies a Corbyn-lead government might implement, even though they’d be one million times preferable to those of the alternative candidates.

It is not even about the rights and responsibilities of socialists who pay this £3 to get a vote in the Labour leadership contest: all of those things are up for negotiation over a protracted period of time. That’s for another day, and we won’t always agree on everything. No one should have a problem with that given the shambles of Harriet Harman’s misleadership of Labour, and the mind-boggling tedium we saw under Ed Miliband’s leadership. The immediate task for the left is to keep shifting the political center of gravity leftwards. That let’s all enjoy ourselves as we catch sight of Tony Blair and all his degraded supporters on Labour’s front, and back benches in disarray.

Tony Blair’s ranks clustered inside all three of the Anyone-But-Corbyn campaigns have reduced themselves to leaking gutter-press style tittle-tattle about which of them may or may not be having sex with other consenting adults, about whose favorite biscuit seems to be chips and gravy, and about which of them might be infertile, possibly a lesbian or doesn’t actually like children. This is the nasty side of the politics of aspiration inside all the anti-Corbyn camps.

The GCHQ-vetted broadcasters and editors paid by proprietors at the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and Channel5 – as well as the HSBC-infiltrated so-called free press – don’t know what to do anymore, so they lash out seemingly indiscriminately at each other. They are shitting themselves. And that is in significant part due to we leftists exploiting their mind-boggling ineptitude. How evil of us.

Let’s keep exploiting the fact that British Intelligence is a misnomer. Let all MI5’s political supporters in the mass media and inside the parliamentary Labour Party continue to expose themselves as a bunch of Keystone Cops bampots.

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