Wave-particle duality of Labour’s leadership campaign

And he burns ham. Smoking pork
Pigs will fly. Cop-chopper dork
Chips with gravy. Biscuits. Fork
Weather vane feels strain. Don’t work

Wave-particle. Duality
To be a bouncing HB sea
Socialist ripples vibrate free
Andy B. Special Branch tree

Theresa May build Poe Tree-house
Jumbo screams at creepy mouse
Bob Lambert. Stake Knife. Kincora louse
J Edgar hoovers in bra and blouse

Will a wave of freedom crash?
Send tsunami. Take out trash
Tory tornado turned to dust
Iron-Lady pieces crumble? Rust?

Evil Copper balls just DRIP
Through surface-tension. Space-time slip
Head Balls throw out on its own
Toss the Tories traitor’s bone?

Just burn contract signed in blood
Let the tears flow. Join our flood
Kick can o’ Conservative crud
Or unite with right? To be a dud?

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