Defend Jeremy Corbyn against Tony Blair and his #MI5 entryists

Yuppie Entryist: aka 'Corrupt War-Criminal Tony Blair'.

Yuppie Entryist: aka ‘Corrupt War-Criminal Tony Blair’.

Dear Comrades,

The British Establishment has gone to war with us. The left has to think with our hearts and with our heads. I registered as a Labour Party supporter yesterday after thinking about this for some time. I did so to lend my enthusiastic support to all those wanting to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I did this not to be ‘malicious’, definitely not to damage the Labour Party.

Unlike those ‘Jeremy Corbyn supporters’ that Tories like Jackie Long give plenty of airtime to, allegedly to ‘defend’ him, I have never accepted the bizarre notion that Jeremy is unelectable. Of course he’s electable. I’d go a lot further than that. I have absolutely no doubt that he is the only Labour leadership candidate who is electable. That, alas, is not a proposition we will hear explored by the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV or Channel5. Why the hell not?

I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn could lead the Labour Party to a landslide victory, much bigger than what Tony Blair delivered. And that, obviously, is something I want but something Tony Blair and his supporters dread with every fibre of their being.

I warned others on the left who were not members of the Labour Party and had previously fought elections against the Labour Party that if they intended to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, then they would need to see to it that Harriet Harman could not find an excuse for excluding you, which was always a matter for careful consideration: she has after all allowed Tory MPs to become Labour MPs in a single day.

Unfortunately, many of my Facebook friends didn’t pay any attention. I don’t know if Harriet Harman will steal my vote, and/or my £3. However, if she tries that then I’m ready for her. And I am confident she will have to pay substantial damages for breaking the criminal law if she tries any such thing.

If my vote and/or money is stolen by Harriet Harman, I will see her in court. I know that have obeyed the rules drawn up by Ed Miliband – rules supported by her, and all the ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates she supports. I do not believe for one second that the courts will award her a victory merely on the basis that she was too stupid to understand the rules she, Liz Kendall, Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper all agreed to prior to realizing Jeremy Corbyn is much more popular than those who couldn’t even vote against David Cameron’s 24% Welfare Bill. Harriet Harman’s “guilty but insane” defense would hardly help these Blairites win the next election. If that’s the best they have to offer the PLP may as well hand the party over to a new set of activists, like those who’ve just signed up to support Jeremy Corbyn.

If my vote is stolen, I will see Harriet Harman in court. And I would look forward to every socialist who was forced to hand over our bank account details to someone who voted to give more powers to MI5. MI5 are the criminals whose dodgy dossier gave us Tony Blair’s illegal Iraq War (and Tony Blair a £100,000,000 fortune as his reward for doing what the British Establishment’s NATO friends were determined to do. MI5 threatened to assassinate Tony Benn if he was ever elected Prime Minister. MI5 has notoriously covered up industrial-scale pedophilia at Kincora for half a century…

Well, I hope to see other socialists join me in a class-action law suit against Harriet Harman, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet, its National Executive Committee, its treasurer, general secretary and anyone else who sanctions the conning of us into handing over our bank account details to such a criminal organization.

If I have to, I will take on Harriet Harman and anyone else who steals my vote, my money, my bank account details, possibly even engaging in illegal election fraud by that truly bizarre three-hour extension of voter registration that might have been specifically designed to support Tony Blair’s ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ campaign.

In order to strengthen my case against my vote being stolen by Harriet Harman, I am going to make as strong a case as I can against the British Establishment’s war against the trade union movement. In the process of doing that, I will expose all three Labour leadership contenders who have united to smearing Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters 24-7 on BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, Channel5 etc.

I can’t possibly be the only socialist who’s spent any time in the labour movement who can smell a great big British Intelligence rat at work here. That’s a far from improbable hypothesis. Nevertheless, it has to be tested to destruction. If there’s no truth in it, I’m sure Theresa May and David Cameron will cooperate fully to prove that this is just a ‘conspiracy theory’.

I intend to help all the democratic forces inside the Labour Party to reach out to the rest of the left in England, in Scotland and elsewhere. I will be doing this based on what I think as an individual. I welcome feedback. However, given the quite sinister way Harriet Harman is searching for any excuse to take away my vote and that of others who have not been drawn to the Labour Party in the past, not having voted for it for decades, I am not going to be tricked by her into saying something careless, something that can be twisted into the exact opposite of what I intended to say.

I now consider myself a fully-paid up Labour Party supporter. Nevertheless, I am a Labour supporter who wants to help Jeremy Corbyn make the Labour Party electable. Part of doing that means reaching out to all the progressive forces in society. That, naturally, includes some if not all of those who have just had their right to participate in this election denied them.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to put an end to sectarianism every bit as much as I do. He appreciates as other on the left do not that under first-past-the-post damages all genuinely anti-Tory forces. If socialists all unite, all debating strategy and tactics responsibly – with patience, logic and facts; listening and being willing to concede that none of us has all the answers – then we can make this work. Onwards to victory comrades. Onwards to victory.

Yours sincerely,
Tom Delargy [now, officially, a Labour Party supporter]

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