Yvette Cooper supports MI5 entryists. Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote

Yvette Cooper helps MI5 and Special Branch entryists in the Labour Party. To spy on Jeremy Corbyn?

Yvette Cooper helps MI5 and Special Branch entryists in the Labour Party. To spy on Jeremy Corbyn?

I have not been ‘weeded out’ by the Blairites who are themselves Yuppie Entryists, the ones who used MI5 to draw up a dodgy dossier to get them their illegal Iraq War. I can’t prove (yet) that the three hour extension in registering to vote as a Labour Party supporter was a devious ploy by Tony Blair acolytes to help MI5, Special Branch and GCHQ ballot-rig, dumping hundreds of thousands of ‘supporters’ into the pot, paid for by Theresa May’s out-of-control Home Office. But I’m definitely on the case.

Yvette Cooper has always supported the investment of the British State in committing perjury, state rapist, agent provocateur entryists like Bob Lambert and his Special Branch undercover cop team, 90% of whose members had illegal sex with their women targets paid by OUR taxes, a cross between state sanctioned prostitution, physical rape as no informed consent was agreed and subsequent psychological torture as women were left abandoned, with children, and the grieving for years as the father of their child, the man they thought was their soul mate turned out to have been paid by the Home Office to destroy these women’s lives. If you don’t shed tears hearing this story, then you’re simply missing a piece of your soul.

Yvette Cooper voted alongside every single one of Jeremy Corbyn’s critics to give more powers to Bob Lambert’s Special Branch to, for example, threaten to imprison investigative journalists determined to work with courageous whistle-blowers and rape victims to expose decades of child sex abuse by Cyril Smith and other senior public figures.

MI5 were spying on Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, doing so illegally, crimes sanctioned by ex-Home Secretaries Jack Straw, Alan Johnson, David Blunkett and every other supporter of Tony Blair’s ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ smear campaign.

I condemn Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper for their support for the illegal deployment of Special Branch and MI5 and GCHQ against Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP, Doreen Lawrence, and probably the overwhelming majority of my Facebook friends.

Let’s be frank. There almost certainly is a very real problem of entryism inside the Labour Party. But the source of that problem is not Jeremy Corbyn. He happens to be the antidote to entryism by the forces of darkness of the paramilitary wing of the unelected House of Lords, secret courts, and the rest mangling democracy in the labour movement, and inside British society more generally.

Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord. He is electable. Of course he is. And he is going to prove the center of gravity of a radical democratic movement that will turn the British Establishment to dust. Onwards and upwards, comrades. Onwards and upwards.

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