Jeremy Corbyn is the democratic antidote to British Establisment liars.


It is not just Harriet Harman’s entire Shadow Cabinet who (according to the Daily Record‘s editor, reject Labour’s core values, and shouldn’t therefore, presumably, be allowed a vote in the Labour leadership contest) who are ganging up on Jeremy Corbyn. The British Establishment is ganging up on the MP who has electrified British politics for a very good reason.

To begin with, the most degraded party of the British Establishment (David Cameron’s  Conservatives) dismissed Jeremy Corbyn as a joke candidate who would struggle to win any votes despite his being patronized by maverick Blairites like Frank Field. Prominent Tory commentators like Toby Young went so far as to appear on television to pretend they’d pay three quid to lumber Labour with an ‘unelectable leader’. They were doing this out of mischief, as a bit of a joke. But, allegedly, they were also acting, cynically, to help keep David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship of millionaire tax-dodgers and animal cruelty sadists, in power for generations because, so we were told, they thought their cunning plan would actually work. Toby Young is the main competition alongside Peter Mandelson for the coveted title of Dunce of Darkness. His Tories for Jeremy Corbyn proposal was always a bluff. And now they no longer even pretend they’re not scared; no point pretending anymore: voters can quite literally smell the Tories fear and loathing of Jeremy Corbyn.

The first Tory to go public to say he’d be happy to pay to vote for Jeremy Corbyn is now calling for a vote for Yvette Cooper or ‘Anyone But Corbyn’. While Toby Young is now glad his Tory entryism failed, other Tory entryists like HSBC’s Stephen Bush remain in place, and still have a vote.

Stephen Bush admits Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall have all proven to be a ‘horror show’, who all deserve to lose for being ‘witless, dull and wonkish’, but must be imposed as Labour’s candidate for Prime Minister in five years time. And this Tory is not deemed worthy of being purged by Harriet Harman while thousands of Jeremy Corbyn’s recruits are? Utterly beyond satire.

Jeremy Corbyn is targeted by Special Branch and MI5 and GCHQ to be spied on, illegally, (as are Diane Abbott, Doreen Lawrence and so many others) for a reason.

MI5 told Tony Benn they’d murder him if he ever became Prime Minister. Given Margaret Thatcher’s support for fascist dictator General Pinochet and his bloody overthrow of Salvador Allende’s democratically-elected socialist government, this is hardly some far-fetched conspiracy theory invented by a senile old man.

Everyone who has heard Tony Benn believes him. Unfortunately, voters in Britain have mostly not heard what MI5 said because the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and C5 desperately bury Tony Benn’s last televised interview as they do everything that exposes British Intelligence criminality.

MI5 may not have told Jeremy Corbyn they will assassinate him if he ever becomes Prime Minister. But there’s a reason he was Tony Benn’s favorite MP, and no one should rule out the Chile nightmare is already being discussed inside Theresa May’s Home Office, run by an unaccountable 24% right-wing dictatorship.

Jeremy Corbyn exposes MI5 and Special Branch crimes. Unlike Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Harriet Harman, he voted to stop handing more powers to MI5 spying – alongside GCHQ – to compile dossiers for blackmail, based – at least in part – on ENTRAPMENT by their own state rapists, perjurers and agent provocateurs like Bob Lambert and god-knows how many others now trying to cozy up to the left to try to trick the Jeremy Corbyn movement. Bob Lambert types are still out there, and they are being paid out of OUR taxes specifically to allow Theresa May, David Cameron, Harriet Harman, Andew Marr, Evan Davis, Cathy Newman, Caroline Quinn, to blame Jeremy Corbyn for crimes committed by one of these corrupt, and violent, undercover cops. These corrupt cops masquerading, troll-like, as one of us, in order to discredit us, and to set us against each other. The left needs Jeremy Corbyn discover the extent to which Britain’s democracy has been mangled out of shape by this criminal use of corrupt cops paid out of general taxation, and we need to hold all Home Secretaries and Prime Ministers who have died yet to be put on trial if they sanctioned any of these crimes against the electorate.

Everyone makes mistakes, even decent political activists. When you have a sense of humour it’s not impossible you’ll cross the line of good taste, at least appearing to do so when something is taken out of context. But Jeremy Corbyn can’t be held responsible for what someone he met years ago said subsequently, or some fact buried in an obscure article that no one brought to their attention. Cathy Newman doesn’t seem to get that; but given her penchant for Islamophobic invention, expecting fairness from her is too much to ask. Nor is anyone in the Jeremy Corbyn movement responsible for one of these corrupt undercover cops who have been paid by Theresa May – or previously by Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, Jacqui Smith, David Blunkett, John Reid, Charles Clark to rape women (zero ‘informed consent’ does constitute rape, by the way) paid out of general taxation by the 76% of the electorate that never voted for this Tory dictatorship.

Let’s face facts, comrades. The real reason Cathy Newman is dragged out to smear Jeremy Corbyn as a racist is because the British Establishment that controls BBC, SKY, Channel4 News, ITV and C5 know what Jeremy Corbyn intends to do: he will use Prime Minister’s Questions every single Wednesday to pin down David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship on his continued role in protecting the criminals at MI5, GCHQ, Special Branch, MI6 (as well as foreign so-called intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad and NSA) over a network of pedophile for half a century. This is a message that will strike a chord right across the entire British electorate. This will prove a radical tsunami that will draw in UKIP voters as well as everyone else. They will be as outraged as SNP voters, Labour, Lib Dem and Tory voters that Margaret Thatcher has been known to be at the heart of this protection of a British Establishment that helped Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith for a reason.

Our children, for generations, have been at risk because the spotlight has not been turned on the criminals who are the dark heart of this rotten British Establishment. No wonder they are inventing lies in order to try to stop the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister Campaign.

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