Labour’s crack-pot McCarthyism leaves it looking hypocritical, incompetent and manipulative.

Iain Macwhirter

If they can’t run a competent leadership election, how can they claim to run a competent government? The membership purge launched by the Labour establishment in their efforts to block Jeremy Corbyn, is not only making Labour the laughing stock of the Edinburgh Fringe, it is doing immense damage to their own credibility.

It was the right of the party who long argued, correctly in my view, for Labour to introduce one member one vote in leadership elections. It was the former leader, Ed Miliband, who finally introduced OMOV after many years of prevarication.

It was also predominantly the right of the party who argued, wrongly in my view, to import primaries into its election process. In America primaries seem to work, though there are historical reasons why that is the case. We have an intensely adversarial political culture in the UK.

But alowing non-members to vote in Labour’s leadership…

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