Jeremy Corbyn should transform Labour into a broad church capable of uniting the left


Those denied our right to vote for Jeremy Corbyn should welcome his now virtually-inevitable promotion to the first Labour Party leader in decades actually worth voting for with genuine enthusiasm.

We have been deemed ineligible to vote by a rabid right-wing clique under Harriet Harman. She has broken the Labour Party’s own rules. She has self-evidently breached the Data Protection Act. The spirit as well as the letter of the law has been ripped apart. But those behind this have been more than happy to take our money, and boasted about doing that. Are there any grounds for denying us a vote? I don’t think so. Not when we examine how much ambiguity there was when we were asked to buy votes. That’s how primaries work after all. Nothing is done to determine membership of other parties. Labour leaders were elected by trade unionists in the past, including those who were Tory voters. Doesn’t Harriet Harman know that?

Tory MPs have been made Labour MPs in a single day. How can Harriet Harman justify one rule for Tory MPs and a different one for Jeremy Hardy or Marcus Chown? This is sheer hypocrisy.

In Scotland, Labour collapsed from 42 MPs to just one. Does Harriet Harman seriously think she will improve the situation in Scotland by telling those who voted for The SNP  that they are deemed less than worthy of voting for Labour leader? Does she not realize Labour imploded north of the border because the SNP picked up and ran with Labour’s old discarded clothes? Just how deluded is Harriet Harman?

Those who have backed candidates in May other than Labour should remind Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, Tony Blair and Neil Kinnock that it was their witch hunts of socialists out of Labour that made splitting the anti-Tory vote their responsibility, no one else’s.

If, once elected leader, Jeremy Corbyn opens up the gates of his party, transforming Labour into a genuinely broad church, then TUSC and Left Unity (possibly even the overwhelming majority of the Greens) would shut up shop to maximize the anti-Tory vote.

Under this archaic first-past-the-post electoral monstrosity, we have a system that’s delivered a ‘majority government’ by David Cameron based on less that one quarter of those entitled to vote, which happens to be the Tories preferred definition of democracy, at least when it comes to industrial action. Over 63% actually voted against David Cameron’s vile government. Democracy? Pull the other one.

Harriet Harman’s has lead a so-called ‘socialist’ opposition that can’t even be bothered to vote against a Tory welfare bill that humiliates rape victims, disproportionately targets ethnic minorities, one that even Yvette Cooper’s own supporters have denounced as being a eugenics bill.

And all the time Andy Burnham opt for his outrageous betrayal of Labour values, out of a misguided promotion of so-called party unity; that’s the unity of the graveyard.

Labour MPs are prepared to stuff their own pockets while turning a blind eye to profiteering parasites, the the wasting of ever greater funds on unusable weapons of mass destruction as well as dragging the victims of Tory austerity into a new series of illegal wars, intended to save NATO’s face, plunging us into even more debt to get us out of the last few decades of mission-creep nightmares.

The responsibility for the horrible division in the anti-Tory vote doesn’t lie with Dave Nellist. It lies with Ed Miliband, with Harriet Harman, with Andy Burnham and with Yvette Cooper.

This horrible Life of Brian sectarianism can finally be put to bed. Jeremy Corbyn should see to it that the Parliamentary Labour Party is willing to seize this historic opportunity to take on the Tories now and forevermore.

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