Defend Jeremy Corbyn’s broad church. All England’s left should join Labour asap.

Mark Serwotka isn't deemed worthy of joining Labour, but Tory MPs are welcomed with open arms in a single day

Mark Serwotka isn’t deemed worthy of joining Labour, but Tory MPs are welcomed with open arms in a single day

Harriet Harman’s purging of trade union leaders like the wonderful Mark Serwotka exposes her as nothing else possibly could.

Labour was set up by the trade unions in 1906 when the Liberals betrayed them.  That’s well over a century ago. She complains about Jeremy Corbyn taking us back to 1983? She’s dragging all of us back to the days of Queen Victoria, when the British Empire didn’t give people a choice whether they wanted refugees or migrants: it was a question of surrender unconditionally and accept your fate as colonial slaves or die a horrible death.

Harriet Harman rejects labour values. Don’t take my word for it. That is the judgement of the editor of Scotland’s Daily Record. He pointed this out, and dismissed every member of her shadow cabinet (including Andy Burnham), not one of whom could be bothered to vote against the David Cameron’s Welfare Bill, which will drive young women, and men, to sell their bodies for sex to rich parasites like some Chancellors of the Exchequer who shall remain nameless, take their own lives, be driven to drugs to forget how miserable life is under Tory austerity.

Harriet Harman didn’t even care that she was helping David Cameron bring in a regime that is going to force women victims of rape to go pubic or be denied the benefits they need to feel their children. These people have sold their soul.

Harriet Harman tramples on the most basic of democratic values. And, I’ve got news for Harriet Harman: the trade unions will never let her get away with this.

The left have to rally around Jeremy Corbyn. We must do that with as much enthusiasm as we did Tony Benn in the early 1980s. We need to rally to him as we did our foreign comrades, such as Salvador Allende.

MI5 never had to carrying out their threat to assassinate Tony Benn if he was ever elected Prime Minister. But they may soon be planning to do precisely that to his favorite MP: Jeremy Corbyn, clearly with the connivance of those who voted for MI5’s dodgy dossier, handed them even more powers to cover up what they’ve done at Kincora.

Margaret Thatcher’s pal (fascist dictator General Pinochet) murdered the democratically-elected socialist Prime Minister of Chile, and thousands of his supporters. And Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters can’t afford to be complacent about just how bloody the ruling class can be, in Britain as everywhere else, when their unearned wealth, their privilege is under threat by democratic decisions of the majority of the voters.

Given all of this, it is the duty of every single socialist all across the United Kingdom, and beyond, to do whatever we can to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies of the right; and that clearly includes most at the heart of the Labour Party establishment.

This means those who have been witch hunted out of the Labour Party have to work as closely as we can with Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters already in his party to neutralize that section of the PLP that is bending over backwards to protect David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship.

Never forget that what we are living through at the moment is not a popular regime. What Britain is suffering (although you wouldn’t know it if all you had to go by was Rona Fairhead and Rupert Murdoch’s lie machines) is little more than a police state. There is a barely visible ‘democratic’ fig-leaf, but the reality is the brutal thug that lies behind that fig-leaf.

The House of Lords is stuffed to the brim with corrupt chums of this out-of-control Prime Minister, although still not enough for his liking, which is why he’s breeding even more of the fuckers.

We endure spying on pretty much anyone Theresa May feels likes to spy on, including Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, Doreen Lawrence and Diane Abbott.

Those who can join Labour and who don’t live in Scotland (where I live it is possible to set up two, rather than just one broad churches of the left, anti-war and anti-austerity, electoral pacts whenever necessary) should apply to join Labour to work with those who have already joined.

We need  to do this today to win the ear of those who are outraged at how Harriet Harman and the three ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates are behaving.

Jeremy Corbyn will need to put together a shadow cabinet with what is available to him on the backbenches: he is, after all, unlikely to get many volunteers (possibly Angela Eagle) from the existing front bench. Even Flip Flp Man extraordinaire – Andy Burnham – now says he will only join a Jeremy Corbyn shadow cabinet if he betrays everyone who voted for him. How pathetic can he get?

We don’t know how bad it will be for Jeremy Corbyn. But if some MPs are willing to extend olive branches to reach an accommodation out of a recognition of where the Labour Party rank and file and affiliated trade unionists stand, then compromises need to be made.

In the process of an inevitable honeymoon period, the left in the party can take on Tristram Hunt’s party-within-a-party. A gang of trouble-makers inspired by Tony Blair’s war criminals and MI5 stooges can be identified and weeded out without too much trouble.

We can prove in practice that we are not looking for splitting the anti-Tory vote. And we can prove that we want to bring that to an end to sectarianism with a real broad church that allows critics to think outside the box without being shouted down. We have nothing to fear, comrades. Bring it on.

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