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Back to the Future is a Science Fiction Odyssey

My research skills suck. Some things seem obvious to me, but I can’t find evidence anyone else agrees. Maybe it’s too obvious to be stated publicly. Maybe my dyslexia hampers my ability to see what’s out there. Maybe this is … Continue reading

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Frank N Field is an even bigger monster than Donald Trump

I admit to being surprised by Frank Field‘s latest ideas on how to fight for his ludicrously right-wing politics. Can’t say I’m surprised at how bad his idea is, but I am astonished that he could be quite this stupid: … Continue reading

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Labour Pains and the birth of SDP 2.0

Have we just witnessed Labour pains as a party-within-a-party screams in the maternity ward, a new ultra-right-wing party basing itself on the perspectives of General Pinochet’s bloody military coup and ultra-monetarism? Have Tristram Hunt’s Gang(sters) of Twenty One finally detached … Continue reading

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Tony Blair’s movement dashes for the back door inside the bowel of the Labour Party

What’s happened over the last few days proves the Labour Party’s crisis that’s been simmering away on the back boiler is picking up speed. Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies succeeded in locking out 600,000 witnesses. They launched their orgy of psychological warfare … Continue reading

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I’m Ben Fuckin-Bradshaw. Who the fuck are you?

This is from Tony Mulhearn’s @Facebook. Had to make it more widely available:Who is Ben Bradshaw? A headline screamed: ‘One senior MP (Ben Bradshaw) stormed out of a heated session of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) addressed by Jeremy Corbyn, … Continue reading

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Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters need a broad church of the left

Even leaving aside the omens about impending asteroid collisions, The Labour Party is facing a serious problem. By The Labour Party, I am of course referring to New Labour of Tony Blair. From the point of view of those people, … Continue reading

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