Frank N Field is an even bigger monster than Donald Trump

Frank Field's Fiscal Charter sanctions a bloody military coup

Frank Field’s Fiscal Charter sanctions a bloody military coup

I admit to being surprised by Frank Field‘s latest ideas on how to fight for his ludicrously right-wing politics. Can’t say I’m surprised at how bad his idea is, but I am astonished that he could be quite this stupid: Frank Field calls for Labour MPs to stand as independents if deselected

Frank Field has just signed his deselection papers. He says he will split the vote under first-past-the-post knowing full well that that will play into the hands of David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship, having hours ago abstained on the Tories Fiscal Charter.

Why did Frank help David Cameron last night? He’s being disingenuous, which is what we’ve come to expect from him. He pretends his position was essentially the same as John McDonnell’s prior to his embarrassing U-Turn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

John McDonnell was guilty of a seriously embarrassing tactical mistake, making his apology necessary. The tactics he flirted with were awful. But, even worse than that, was his failure to explain his tactics to colleagues. A case could be made, one that I might support, to use this debate to expose the alleged progressiveness of borrowng. But this would require a set of arguments that John McDonnell could never sell to the majority of the PLP. And that is why he had no option but to reverse his idea of voting alongside Osborne. However, this is not what Frank Field thinks, either before or after this U-Turn.

Frank Field supports Tory priorities. That was never what John McDonnell had in mind, who favours radical wealth redistribution and a radical transfer of investment from warfare to socially necessary welfare for all of us, from cradle to grave. All the Blairites who abstained alongside Frank Field did so because they all support Tory priorities of robbing the poor to protect the richest of rich parasites in Britain and across the world.

But the situation is even worse than this. John McDonnell hoped to vote alongside George Osborne to expose the meaninglessness of this Tory Fiscal Charter. However, this charter is much more pernicious than merely meaningless. It is an invitation to the generals to overthrow any and every democratically-elected goverment of the left. Never forget that general have been allowed to get away with telling Jeremy Corbyn that if voters put him into 10 Downing Street they have no problem launching a mutiny.

David Cameron’s Fiscal Charter is all about David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship sanctioning of a bloody military coup along the lines of Margaret Thatcher’s pal General Pinochet. That fascist scumbag who drowned Chilean democracy in blood, including the hero of the left, Salvador Allende. So, by their actions last night, Frank Field’s band of traitors have leant support to enemies of human right. Those set on destroying parliamentary democracy, handing untrammeled political power over to unelected generals determined to privatize our NHS to make resources available for their weapons of mass destruction and neverending illegal wars have no right to represent Labour voters. They need to go, and they will go.

Frank Field expresses contempt for the Labour Party membership who elected Jeremy Corbyn with a 60% mandate in opposition to a smear campaign that united BBC, SKY, Channel4 News, ITV and C5, not to mention the CBI, MI5 and generals threatening mutiny. Even the most pathetic rat in US politics was forced to accept he’d not stand against his party if not selected as the official Republican candidate. Blairite rat par excellence Frank Field has even less morals than ultra-right-wing Republican Donald Trump.

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