Labour Pains and the birth of SDP 2.0

Tristram Hunt leads Labour's Pinochet Tendency

Tristram Hunt leads Labour’s Pinochet Tendency

Have we just witnessed Labour pains as a party-within-a-party screams in the maternity ward, a new ultra-right-wing party basing itself on the perspectives of General Pinochet’s bloody military coup and ultra-monetarism? Have Tristram Hunt’s Gang(sters) of Twenty One finally detached themselves as parasites emerging from their host, without yet Christening itself SDP 2.0? Or, alternatively, is the Parliamentary Labour Party merely taking a dump, at long last liberating itself from the Tory toxins of solid waste? Too soon to tell, my friends.  Much too soon to tell.

One thing I do know is that politics never has been and never will be a mere spectator sport. Politics is not a natural science with a subject matter that proceeds along lines laid down by universal constants that are as old as space-time itself – thirteen point seven billion years old: history is made by men and women – or women and men if you prefer; all the same to me. How Labour develops from here on in is not a matter for the bookies or for fortune tellers: it is a process the people themselves will shape democratically. And that is precisely what Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters intend to do with their new organization, Momentum.

What exactly is the point of Momentum? 600,000 Labour voters are free to use it to shape their party without editors of the Tory supporing BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News, ITV and C5 censoring supporters of the 60% of Labour Party members and supporters who gave Jeremy Corbyn a mandate, with none of the others winning more than a fifth of the vote.

Supporters of corrupt war criminal Tony Blair will protest that they should be free to prop up David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship and over three quarters of the electorate should be shunned. That is their right. But these cheerleaders for David Cameron’s glove-puppets running all five of the news networks in the United Kingdom are not going to survive for very long inside a democratic socialist party. And a democratic socialist party, a genine broad church of the left is what Labour intends to become under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The Blairites know they will all be deselected sooner or later – unless they cease to be Blairites: always room for sinners that repent, obviously.

Tonight’s 21 Blairites who have abstained to prop up David Cameron’s 24% dictatorship did so to invite Britain’s equivalent of General Pinochet to overthrow a Jeremy Corbyn government democratically-elected, something they have already been muttering about in the corridors of power in the shadows, always in the shadows, kite-flying to soften the public up for their police state on steroids.

Let me now address myself directly to Tristram Hunt’s Pinochet Tendency.

  • You lot are all going to be deselected. And everybody who knows anything about you knows you ‘aspire’ too much for your own petty personal ambitions to tolerate losing your well-paid jobs. Every last one of you is far too cowardly and contemptuous of the electorate to call by-elections. So your SDP 2.0 will prove to be a political abortion that will fester on at Westminster for a few years spreading disease.
  • It is obvious to me that your Gang(sters) of 21 are intentionally provoking your own expulsion. But that is the very last thing Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters should be calling for; at any rate, not without the most incredible evidence of your being spies for MI5 and related British Intelligence agencies. What Labour Party members ought to do instead is deselect you. Deselect each and every one of you.
  • Attempts to expel any of the Pinochet Tendency will backfire. It would be a terrible own goal on the part of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. It would liberate each and every one of you lot from responsibility to call by-elections to legitimize your continued existence as MPs at Westminister having been elected on a Labour Party ticket.
  • Let the treachery of those supporting the politics of General Pinochet be the trigger for your inevitable deselection. What Labour members do then has to depend on the lay of the land at the time of each vote to deselect individual traitors. One step at a time, comrades. One step at a time.

Labour’s Gang of Twenty One/SDP2.0

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