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Open letter to Iain McNicol about Alastair Campbell, Dr Bennie and Special Branch criminals: Part I

Dear Iain McNicol, Since you are keen to investigate the appointees of Jeremy Corbyn to help the Blairites whose job self-evidently it is to destroy the Labour Party (none of whom won more than one fifth of the vote, a … Continue reading

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I am the Man On The Moon

So you want to help those who suffer from loneliness? Anyone care to lend an ear? Anyone interested in my story? I have my doubts. But as many in the British Establishment are patting themselves on the back about how … Continue reading

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Alan Johnson is going to jail. All Labour Home Secretaries since Jack Straw should

Jim Orr – who had been Director of Special Branch for five years, although I didn’t know this until it was too late – destroyed evidence I provided to him that someone who eventually went to jail for sending me … Continue reading

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Theresa May, Mhairi Black and me

I have been sending my Member of Parliament some Direct Messages on Twitter. Not spoken to her. Hope do do so soon. I desperately need her to help me. Hi Mhairi. Firstly, congratulations on the #foxhunting decision. I’m over the … Continue reading

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#BBCPapers’ Martine Croxall uses Twitter to call me a ‘piece of shit’?

Let me be clear what I’m saying here. I added the question mark for a reason. There’s a way Martine Croxall can try to worm her way out of responsibility, if not entirely convincingly. Most of us ‘favorite’ tweets we … Continue reading

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