#BBCPapers’ Martine Croxall uses Twitter to call me a ‘piece of shit’?

Martine Croxall thinks I'm a mindless zombie and piece of shit?

Martine Croxall thinks I’m a mindless zombie and piece of shit?

Let me be clear what I’m saying here. I added the question mark for a reason. There’s a way Martine Croxall can try to worm her way out of responsibility, if not entirely convincingly. Most of us ‘favorite’ tweets we disagree with, often things we actually hate: we use them as bookmarks, to return to when we have more time. In other words, Martine Croxall may not be endorsing one of her fans calling me a ‘piece of sh*t’, and a ‘mindless zombie’. However,….

The problem for Martine Croxall is she is still refusing to tell this fan – @marky_mmarkison –  who offered her a cyber-hug that she doesn’t approve of him or any of her other fans calling me a ‘piece of shit’. Hard to believe she is not stirring up others to call her critics pieces of shit. That is clearly a matter for her, and her employers. Anything else? As a matter of fact, yes.

Martine Croxall is guilty – at least by inference – of something much worse, imho. She has favorited this tweet that says I refused to engage in debate with her. She knows that to be a 100% lie. Someone (she herself) seems to have deleted all the tweets I responded to. My responses have not been deleted. How come the tweets I responded to seem to have vanished?

It is not me who is running away from debate. Martine Croxall has sunk so low as to spread malicious lies about me deleting my own tweets. At any rate, that’s how I interpret her words. Maybe she meant something else. Maybe she needs to stop tweeting in code.

Despite what Martine Croxall and her fans are saying I never deleted anything that I can recall from our exchanges. If I did and forgot then it can only have been because I misspelt something or got the grammar wrong and wanted to repair it to save myself embarrassment. I don’t recall doing it in this case, but I’m not totally ruling it out.

If Martine Croxall can tell me precisely what she believes was out there and then suddenly wasn’t, I can investigate. If she is telling the truth, then someone else must be maliciously deleting my tweets without my authority  – and the most likely candidate for that someone would be one of Martine Croxall’s chums at #GCHQ #MI5 etc. If the owners of Twitter are allowing spooks to delete my tweets without my knowledge, then I demand to know on what basis that happened: has Theresa May signed a warrant? How can I find out? If critics of MI5, GCHQ are having our tweets corrupted with Twitter’s connivance, then how many other victim of Big Brother garbage are out there?

An alternative explanation for what Martine Croxall alleges I did is that the tweet she says was there and then suddenly got deleted was something that I played no part in drafting. Are Martine’s pals in the Home Office tweeting stuff in my name? And if that is the case how many other critics of MI5 GCHQ etc are victims of this smear campaign?

One last piece of information that I find interesting is the company Maxine Croxall keeps in cyberspace. The who who called me a ‘mindless zombie’ and a ‘piece of sh*t’ – from whom the #BBCPapers presenter was happy to receive a cyber-hug – turns out to be something of a white supremacist, attacking David Cameron and Theresa May for being insufficiently in favour of white power in the police force. Don’t know about you, but I find that very interesting: @mmarkison

Martine Croxall's pal is a white supremacist? #Fascist?

Martine Croxall’s pal is a white supremacist? #Fascist?

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