I am the Man On The Moon

So you want to help those who suffer from loneliness? Anyone care to lend an ear? Anyone interested in my story? I have my doubts. But as many in the British Establishment are patting themselves on the back about how kind and caring they are, let me share my personal experience.

I am lonely. I am being crushed by lonelieness, having spent most of the last decade in what I think constitutes solitary confinement, or as close as you can get without a guard at the door with a lock and key.

And I am being crushed by other things related to loneliness or that spring from the source of my loneliness. If I was going to elaborate at length, this blog post would rapidly escape my control into an unreadable stream of consciousness that would require lots of proof-reading and editing, and I simply don’t have the time to do that.

The only way to set out my story is by breaking it down into several manageable chunks. And that is why I’m hijacking this John Lewis viral ad today as a way to introduce how these British Establishment hypocrites in the media and the world of politics are making people such as myself lonely to the point of seeing life as totally unbearable. Who go on from there to resort to cruel and unusual punishment when you try to expose what they’ve done: illegal detention without access to a lawyer and what in any legal sense has to quality as actual torture.

[to be continued]

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