Open letter to Iain McNicol about Alastair Campbell, Dr Bennie and Special Branch criminals: Part I

Dr Bennie Scotland 2015 BBC Scotland BMA

Dear Iain McNicol,

Since you are keen to investigate the appointees of Jeremy Corbyn to help the Blairites whose job self-evidently it is to destroy the Labour Party (none of whom won more than one fifth of the vote, a mere third of Jeremy Corbyn’s vote, and one third of whom won one fifteenth of Jeremy Corbyn’s vote!), I would like to ask you personally to investigate former Director of Communications for Prime Minister Tony Blair – Alastair Campbell – and his role in covering up for criminals in the pay of Special Branch, including systematic destruction of forensic evidence, several break-ins, hospitalizations by means of a razors and a metal bar (in my home at 50c St Ninians Road on 16 March 2003), a one month’s illegal detention without access to a lawyer, eighteen months malicious prosecution to cover-up for the deployment of Special Branch undercover cops at the very top of the radical wing of the labour movement, including shovelling one of them into Holyrood as an MSP who betrayed at least one of her constituents, me, to protect other corrupt undercover cops (specifically Chris Bambery) as well as one ex-Director of Special Branch: Jim Orr.

Alastair Campbell appeared on BBC Scotland’s Call Kaye this week. In it he personally thanked a psychiatrist called Dr Bennie who he said helped him after he had been detained by Special Branch officers. Now it’s possible that we are talking about two entirely different people, but I had a lengthy telephone conversation with the editor of that program about a psychiatrist called Dr Bennie who got a judge to sign papers to have me illegally detained for a month in which I was the victim of torture, and that incident was also related to a former head of Special Branch for five years who you may have heard of: Jim Orr.

The editor of Kaye Adams program refused to let me use her call-in show to expose how this individual, whose name I was not about to use on live radio, had to be struck off as he had me sectioned under the mental health act after I tried to get Channel Four News to expose his prescribing me a drug not to be given to the suicidal which is something I had not kept hidden from those who set up my meeting with Dr Bennie –  Scottish Autism – who were aware that I had first reported myself to my GP with suicidal feeling going back to 1998 for untreated attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, being told that would result in counselling within a few days, counselling I am still waiting for seventeen years later!

Channel Four News’s Darshna Soni didn’t care that Dr Bennie had prescribed me a drug that could have killed me. It could have killed me had I not used search engines to do research on the drug he prescribed, finding it was not to be given to the suicidal. I was quite shocked that Channel Four News didn’t care. I was heartbroken that my so-called support workers at Scottish Autism didn’t care that I could be dead due to their setting up a meeting after years of trying to get them and my GP to do this with someone who claimed he was unaware that the reasons for my depression has increased exponentially since Renfrewshire Council shovelled me into this horrible hovel with no light in my living room, bedroom or kitchen, no carpet, no shower, no cooker, no toilet seat.

I was horrified to discover that Scottish Autism’s boss in Glasgow didn’t care that she had set up a session with a doctor so incompetent that he could have killed me due to incompetence. Twice I demanded that something had to be done to force Dr Bennie to come to terms with his gross negligence, and this was a matter for the General Medical Council or whatever the appropriate body is. On the second occasion I brought with me a tape recorder demanding my right to make a recording as the minutes of the previous session had not even referred in passing to this threat to my very life due to Dr Bennie’s incompetence. I was told that I could not record the meeting to provide the very first set of accurate minutes of any of these Scottish Autism meetings which on every occasion bore zero relationship to what was actually discussed.

It wasn’t just the bosses of Scottish Autism who wanted to protect Dr Bennie from investigation, and Channel Four News also. The editor of Call Kaye also told me she wasn’t interested in letting me be interviewed about being illegally locked up by a corrupt doctor who had me sectioned in order to discredit me, and, into the bargain, put my life at risk as he had already been exposed as so incompetent patients lives were put at risk by refusing to do his homework: how do I, Channel Four News’s Darshna Soni, BBC Scotland’s Kaye Adams editor, or anyone at Scottish Autism know if I’m the first or the last person whose live was put at risk by this individual’s negligence?

I told the editor of Call Kaye how I had explained that Dr Bennie locked me up in order to discredit me, and the two police officers seemed shocked to hear this, with Dr Bennie astonished that I’d already tried to have him investigated by Channel Four News. The police officers were just doing their job. But they told me my allegation against Dr Bennie could be investigated. Well why wasn’t it?

I was denied access to any lawyer. I was locked up by an incompetent and highly dangerous individual who told a judge a pack of lies in order to discredit someone who had tried to have him struck off, if not sent to jail. Given the way I was treated during that month, and what he has done to me since (I am now a physical wreck as a direct and indirect consequence of what Dr Bennie did to me), I want to see that charlatan can never do to anyone else what he did to me. He is clearly a danger to others.

What about Alastair Campbell?

Is it possible that the Dr Bennie he praised on Kaye Adams Call Kaye after he was detained by Special Branch officers is the same Dr Bennie that Kaye Adams editor talked to me about, about his having me sectioned in order to discredit my attempt ot expose him for gross incompetence that could have lead to my death? I am not ruling out the possibility that this is mere coincidence, but we are talking about two Dr Bennie’s in the same areas with the same right to lock people up for alleged mental illness and in both cases the two incidents were related to Special Branch.

I have already reported Alastair Campbell’s connections to Special Branch. How do they fit in with my incarceration? That’s a long story. Where do I begin?

It never occurred to me at the time that Dr Bennie’s locking me up had any political dimension to it. I interpreted it, as I explained to two the police officers who threatened to break down my door, then put me in handcuffs if I didn’t surrender to this incompetent doctor, that simply a matter of him trying to shut me up by smearing me as mentally ill so no one would look seriously at my criticism of him. I had no idea what this guy’s politics were. I certainly had not shared any of mine with him. But those he worked with were aware that my being locked up at this particular time helped Special Branch. This might not be easy to prove, but only because the boss of Scottish Autism refused to let me record our previous meeting at which I explained in detail what it had to do with Special Branch.

I complained about not being able to record my allegations about Dr Bennie so they couldn’t pretend they refused to lift a finger to protect me from this individual. But I complained about the so-called service from start to finish. These people far from having helped me had made my life a nightmare. They had infantilized me. They had robbed me of my dignity. They didn’t care that the reasons I had felt suicidal had been added to and exacerbated since this so-called service had been vomited up in my direction.

I made it clear to both of these individual that my life had been ruined by shovelling me into this town where I knew no one. I had been plunged into social isolation, a virtual shut-in and had been promised back in 2005 that if I agreed to Renfrewshire Council dumping me here against my will, because of some administrative cock-up, they’d get me out of here as soon as they could. A decade later and I’m still languishing in this state of living death, in solitary confinement. How dare these bastards expect to get away with this.

It’s a pity that these two individuals denied me my right to record what I said at this meeting. I am not going to go through it all right now. But if Dr Bennie thinks I can forget he’s wrong. And it is connected to Special Branch, especially to one Jim Orr, ex-Director of the organization.

Jim Orr was caught by me having destroyed forensic evidence that someone subsequently jailed for sending me a death threat had illegal access to my correspondance, including letters sent to me by the head of the Scottish Human Rights Center apologizing to me for not having the resources to help me force Jim Orr’s Strathclyde Police Complaints and Discipline Department get a move on with bringing to light the role of senior police officers, including the Commander of ‘K’ Division at the time, Campbell O’Connell, colluding with this individual who had threatened to murder my by notes pushed through my letter box, in a chip shop in front of the manager and a member of staff and with his gang of thugs.

Jim Orr resigned from Strathclyde Police to spend more time with his thugs the day after I asked his emissary, Detective Inspector Newlands, why he destroyed evidence of a Special Branch link. The papers two days later exposed Jim Orr as having been Special Branch Director for five years, to take up the post of the first head of the Scottish Drugs Enforcement Agency, which for Jim Orr’s entire leadership was entirely beyond statutory footing: license to do what the **** Jim Orr wanted to do. And that kind of puts into perspective Graeme Pearson’s criticism of Police Scotland, Comrade Pearson having taken over from Jim Orr who got the job to run away from being investigated by his own brother, John Orr who, as Chief Constable, was the only one who outranked him and in a position to carry an investigation into his own misconduct. Why did Graeme Pearson not care that he served under Jim Orr when the entire organization he ran had no statutory footing? Funny that, don’t you think?

Jim Orr… What has that to do with the timing of my incarceration? I am not sure how to tie all the pieces together. Far too many threads. Labyrinthine. Let me set out a few facts, with no pretence that I am able to easily prove any of this. Not right now. With access to GCHQ tapes, and records in the vaults of Theresa May’s Home Office I can prove a great deal. I have witnesses. But not one of them would willingly help me. They’d have to be subpoenaed. Paul Hutcheon, Tom Gordon and Glenn Campbell all know parts of this, as do dozens of police officers, including several members of CID, lawyers, judges, Regional Procurator Fiscals, and dozens of political activists, including over half a dozen of those who committed perjury alongside David Cameron’s Director Of Communications at the time, still working at Downing Street: Andy Coulson.

And that is why the timing of my incarceration matters. As I tried to record with those two individuals who protected Dr Bennie from being investigated for malpractice, I initended to use Twitter to while The Prime Minister gave evidence under oath. I knew would be lying. And the twho people who wouldn’t let me tape that meeting also knew what this had to do with Special Branch.

Tommy Sheridan was toppled by Frances Curran, Alan McCombes and Keith Baldasserra after I tried to get the SSP’s national convenor to investigate my MSP, Frances Curran as a police spy. I didn’t want to be too explicit about this on the phone, but Baldasserra forced me to come close in order to get him to set up a meeting with Tommy Sheridan. Before he got back to me, he had worked with Frances Curran and Alan McCombes to topple the only one left who could investigate my allegations about Curran, having already exhausted every other avenue: Party national secretary Allan Green, Party Chair Catriona Grant. McCombes being involved in this surprised me. We had had differences, but I had chosen to bury the hatchet, and it never occurred to me that he was an asset of the British state. I now think that is a possiblity, but by no means the only possible explanation.

Frances Curran was the only other member of the Scottish Militant Labour executive I’d spoken to about police spies in my previous party, the SWP. Alan McCombes had been given a large dossier (about 100 pages as I recall) explaining why Chris Bambery had to be a police spy, and that Julie Waterson, who also sat on the SWP central committee, was probably one too. I now am much less confident about passing on the allegation that Waterson may be a police spy as she is now dead and, therefore, in no position to defend herself; and the only ‘evidence’ I have is what I was told by a third party whose reliability has been reduced to zero in my eyes.

My one hour plus telephone interview which I agreed to with political editor of Sunday Herald, Paul Hutcheon is one that I know he taped, a recording which caught the voice of one contract worker who was there the entire time, plus one of the most senior officials at Renfrewshire Council and one senior employee whose exact status was never made clear to me. The directly employed Renfrewshire Council staff turned up towards the end, and were subject to my accusing them of a variety of crimes that will have been caught on Paul Hutcheon’s tape, as well as the tape we both knew GCHQ were making simultaneously, a tape the third party who had been there the entire time and complained also knew was being taped by GCHQ as I told him what was going on.

Paul Hutcheon begged me for this interview for months prior to my agreeing to do it. And he clearly wanted the interview to get some ‘dirt’ on Tommy Sheridan. I knew he had an agenda. However, I didn’t know he had already agreed to work with Alan McCombes to try to send Tommy to jail, and both were engaged in a state-orchestrated campaign to send him to jail.

I told Hutcheon right at the start of our interview that I would not spread tittle tattle about any adult who I suspected may had consensual sex with another adult: all I had heard was little gossip which was utterly pathetic and didn’t interest me in the slightest, just made me feel physically sick that people who spread such poison were allowed to be members of the Scottish Socialist Party.

I can’t recall everything Paul Hutcheon and I discussed, but I have a witness, and knows he taped it as he asked for my permission (which he received enthusiastically as my witness can confirm if you track him down, which you should be able to by consulting Renfrewshire Council’s records), and both were never in any doubt that GCHQ would be recording our conversation: at any rate, I wasn’t, and he couldn’t possibly be that naive, stupid though Paul Hutcheon clearly is.

My recollection is that I did tall Paul Hutcheon that Frances Curran has a history of spreading rumours about the sex lives of her political opponents. Odd that Paul chose to keep this fact to himself, rather than let the jury weigh it up. I know of two, maybe three, examples of her doing this. Can’t remember how much I shared with Hutcheon. But I do know that although previous victims of her cynical smears about politicians sex lives involved Labour politicians whose politics I hate, I would not pass on such smears on the phone when it was obvious GCHQ were listening in. I have no doubt that if there was any truth in the allegation, involving homosexual relations between adult married men, GCHQ would already know about it. But I wasn’t going to spread this rumour as it would make me as bad as others who do it, there was a third person listening in, and not only did Paul Hutcheon no need to know this whether the allegation is true or not; but it was gossip I had no need to know, and which felt like a burden dumped on my by Frances Curran. What my MSP had done was bring me in to an insidious smear campaign that either spread homophobic poison and/or could be used to blackmail powerful politicians. How can people like that get away with this?

I explained to Paul Hutcheon, as I had done previously to Keith Baldasserra, the links between Frances Curran and Jim Orr (as well as Chris Bambery and the then-Commander of ‘K’ Divsion, whose name was no longer Campbell O’Connell). This link is connected


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    Douglas Alexander refused to investigate Channel4 News’s Darshna Soni’s role in the coverup of Dr Bennie’s having me illegally detained after prescribing a drug that could have killed me. This is connected to two undercover cops, including serial state rapist Chris Bambery and Frances Curran who MI5 allowed to frame me for breaking bail conditions and help the cops behind the razor attack on me in my home at 50c St Ninians Road Paisley at 10:00am 16 March 2003. Darshna Soni is not the only so-called ‘journalist’ who is covering up for these agents of the British state.


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