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I’m signing this petition because democracy has to mean more than the right to put a cross on a ballot paper once every five years. That is especially so given, that under first-past-the-post and media bias, David Cameron has managed to achieve a majority government with less than a quarter of those entitled to vote positively endorsing his right-wing agenda.

David Cameron thinks he can ride roughshod over the entire elected House of Commons by using MI5 and GCHQ to spy on all 600 plus MPs and all their constituents, simultaneously denouncing the leader of the opposition as a ‘terrorist sympathiser’, while, in the most sinister manner possible, calling on the police to shoot-to-kill ‘terrorist sympathizers’, with no prosecution of armed police who ‘accidentally’ murder Jeremy Corbyn or any other supporter of the Stop The War Coalition or any other protestor David Cameron doesn’t like the look of.

David Cameron has gotten away with changing the voting rights of Scotland’s MPs without telling anyone he was going to do that, and he repeatedly breaks election promises, appointing useless unelected idiotic glove-puppets to the House of Lords to get his way when even his own backbenchers don’t like what he’s proposing, and progressively even they are unhappy with him, unhappy but scared shitless to do much about it. Why are Tory MPs intimidated by their own Prime Minister?

Knowing that David Cameron uses MI5 and GCHQ to spy on them does make them paranoid, which is precisely why he does it, and has boasted about doing it in the House of Commons recently, in an answer to a Prime Ministers Question from David Davies. No one can forget about former Tory Party Chief Whip Tim Fortescue boasting that those in his position compile dossiers to blackmail Tory MPs. Given the behavior of many in the PLP recently, it’s quite possible that many Labour MPs may also be being subject to intimidation from David Cameron, the Tory Party Chief Whip, and MI5.

David Cameron got his majority government with a ‘mandate’ falling short of one quarter of those entitled to vote in May’s general election. Political illiterates at the BBC, SKY News, Channel Four News, ITV and C5 may think that allows him to do what the hell he likes. Most voters beg to differ. And this over-the-top media bias cannot possibly work. What we are witnessing is a switching-off of most television that purports to be ‘news’. It is nothing more than British Establishment bullshit: MI5, GCHQ, HSBC, CBI, Monarchist propaganda. It’s not being swallowed other than by a tiny Tory elite, Tony Blair’s fan club, and the most alienated victims of austerity prone to attack any scapegoat they can find rather than see who is the cause of the misery.

So-called intelligent political commentators keep getting exposed as blind to reality, the rise of The SNP, rout of the Blairites in Labour’s leadership election, consolidation of Jeremy Corbyn’s authority within the Labour Party, as his critics merely make themselves more unpopular with members and voters alike by using their leader as a dartboard on every occasion they’re invited onto the BBC, SKY News, Channel4 News etc.

Tory broadcasters keep looking like idiots because they refuse to pay attention to what is going on repeatedly saying, “No one saw that coming,” when they would know that I and others did and have the tweets to prove it, tweets that Andrew Neil is more than happy to say he doesn’t read. Fine. Don’t pay attention to Twitter’s real-time feedback on Daily Politics, Sunday Politics and This Week. But don’t then say we didn’t tell you so, because we so did.

BBC broadcasters, with handfuls of honorable exceptions, are out-of-touch Tories (or Blairites which amounts to the same thing) living in a mollycoddled bubble, insulated from all the pain and suffering Tory austerity inflicts on ordinary people. Today’s revised statistics about personal debt is a timely reminder that those people lucky enough to be keeping their heads above water do so due to living on the never-never.

Leaving aside the voters who won their own businesses (which seems to be the only people the CBI affiliated BBC give a damn about), most people are having to borrow simply in order to live. They’ve been taught by Tony Blair and by David Cameron that they need to live in the moment, fully expecting market forces to lead to the best of all possible worlds. But this personal debt is an accident waiting to happen.

Those who have plugged into this ponzi scheme life-support system are too addicted to it to think about the consequences. Their hope that ‘something will turn up’ is like the gambler desperately waiting for the big win, or the heroin addict praying he’ll die before the loan sharks skin him alive, or he/she has to sell their bodies for sex in return for putting food on the table for their kids or a roof over their heads.

Jeremy Corbyn is representing an alternative narrative to the market forces and military adventurism. Jeremy Corbyn provides an alternative to the deranged “Let’s bomb some foreigners” brigade. Building walls to stop refugees escaping death by genocidal psychopaths or drowning, starvation, disease or other inevitable consequences of civil wars fomented by the banks or arms dealers… That’s not the Jeremy Corbyn way, nor is it that of the overwhelming majority of Labour Party members that the Blairites clearly wants to expel. That is why Jeremy Corbyn simply has to be lied about, day-in, day-out, 24-7, by Rupert Murdoch and by Rona Fairhead’s HSBC lie machine.

Rupert Murdoch is an ultra-rich reactionary who takes great pride in abusing his ability to distort the picture of reality by means of his control over our so-called free press. One billionaire, one media consortium is not the definition of a democratic free press.It really isn’t.

Rupert Murdoch swore on oath that The SUN reflects what he thinks. And he thinks “It was The SUN wot won it.” Black propaganda is the cutting edge of The SUN’s ‘journalism,’ that and industrial-scale intrusion into the private lives of anyone and everyone, done specifically to intimidate any potential threat to Rupert Murdoch’s business interests.

The lies about Jeremy Corbyn are not a quirk. They’re not accidental. They’re intended as a threat to others who get in Rupert Murdoch’s way. The IPSO have to prove they really won’t let an ultra-reactionary billionaire get away with his corruption of the democratic process. If they allow him and his hired goons to take the piss, then those running the IPSO need to be investigated for potential conflicts of interest.

To cut a long story short, if you haven’t already done so, please sign this petition:


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