Deselect Labour MPs who nobody wants


There can be no messing about when it comes to deselection of Blairite MPs. This was never ever going to be an optional extra after Jeremy Corbyn won a landslide victory, three times that of his closest rival, 15 times the favored candidate of the Tory broadcast and print media – with Liz Kendall being incapable of winning one twentieth of the vote. The forlorn hopes of some of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters for an easy life has been exposed as the fruitless pipedream it always was.

Liz Kendall is abusing her status as an MP, an MP the entire party wants to have nothing to do with. Every chance she gets she creeps onto the airwaves to make the case for voters not voting Labour. She did it on Andrew Marr’s show to ‘represent Labour’,  alongside two of the BBC’s daftest Tory propagandists at the BBC, reviewing Sunday’s newspapers. It should never be forgot that Liz Kendall relied on Chuka Umunna, Tristram Hunt and Mary Creagh all pulling out of the leadership election so as not to split the vote of Tony Blair’s closest co-thinkers, and they still couldn’t win one fifteenth of the vote. Yet that is the MP who should represent Labour on his one hour Tory Party Political Broadcast. How do the editors at the BBC get away with this insult to the democratic process?

On the Marr Show today she said voters trust businessmen  (and businesswomen too, of course) more than elected politicians. Liz Kendall’s contempt for democracy is in danger of becoming legendary. Is she trying to take the piss? Is she the world’s first flesh and blood parody account?

Liz Kendall is in the pocket of the forces of darkness who paid Freddie Scappaticci (Steak Knife) who murdered their own informants, who went from that to framing innocent Irish Catholics in their bid to demonize Catholic lawyers like Pat Finucane, whose life was put in danger, whose life was taken by Special Branch undercover cops infiltrating Loyalist death squads. Collusion whether done at an official level or by means of a nod and a wink, with senior Cabinet Ministers provided ‘plausible deniability’.

Liz Kendall loves the generals who have threatened mutiny if Jeremy Corbyn succeeds in doing what Salvador Allende did in Chile, winning a popular mandate, as is on the cards despite Britain’s mass media refusing to take the prospect seriously.

Time for the left to deal with all these Blairite traitors. These people have nothing to do with the Labour movement, and the day has to be rapidly approaching when both David Cameron’s party and Jeremy Corbyn’s begin to split on an organizational, and not merely ideological basis, reforming into a grand coalition no one voted for and which no one wants.

Hilary Benn is a lost cause. He is stamping all over the legacy of his great father. Angela Eagle and Tom Watson  secured the vote they did by asking for a mandate to defend the democratic wishes of Labour’s voters. They have betrayed their mandate. Angela Eagle is only on the front bench by the grace of the leader she happily stabs in the back every chance she gets. Her days are numbered. Tom Watson got elected by lying to voters. The party no longer trusts him. Members want the important deputy post to be held by someone who isn’t actively working to undermine the democratically-elected leader.

Jeremy Corbyn’s critics in the PLP are just biding their time. But since they are using that time to poison their own party in the eyes of the electorate, there is no time to waste. They may use the Trident vote, or the Brexit vote, yet another of their notorious  illegal wars, or possibly a scandal involving David Cameron’s use of violent police spies in the workers movement…. We can’t predict what pretext they will seize upon for splitting from the Labour Party and setting up SDP 2.0. Time for the left to prepare. Time to demand deselection of all traitors. Long overdue

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