Expose Iain McNicol’s racist witch hunt

Iain McNicol, the Labour party's general secretary

Iain McNicol is Labour’s general secretary. This man is out-of-control. He is smearing a black woman of Jewish heritage with a Jewish partner as an anti-Semite. She is framed on the say so of apologists for an apartheid state that was the closest friend of Apartheid South Africa, a state based on violent ethnic cleansing, collective punishment, terrorising the Palestinians whose self determination is denied in exactly the same manner Black South Africans had theirs denied.

Time for Labour members to rise up and call Iain McNicol’s anti-racist credential into question. Time for him to be investigated by the party rank and file, rather than let him act as a self-appointed Big Brother. Possibly Iain McNicol needs to publish his tax returns? Solidarity with the victims of Iain McNicol’s vicious, and racist, witchhunt.


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