Is Chris Bambery in Russia with a fake passport?

Chris Bambery is a police spy. He was secretly expelling SWP member in Scotland, and presumably across the UK, during his tenure as national secretary, something I know was kept from Chris Harman, John Rees and Lindsey German. The latter, unknown to her, was the victim of one of the British state’s Bob Lamberts. Frances Curran and Alan McCombes’s perjury, alongside David Cameron’s director of communications, are related to burying evidence of Chris Bambery’s crimes. These facts are known to a further five SSP perjurers (Allan Green, Keith Baldasserra, Catriona Grant, Barbara Scott, as well as, on the other side, Glasgow University lecturer Mike Gonzalez) and to god-knows how many members of the Privy Council – Douglas Alexander being just one who I know for a fact is burying the evidence.

For the record, let me repeat that the article I’m reblogging here is based on my being able to identify Chris Bambery’s voice over the radio. I can’t rule out the possibility that I misidentified the voice on Kaye Adams Show, but I doubt it. Not impossible, but I’m close to being 100% confident that was indeed Chris Bambery; and if it was, then I don’t believe for one second that Kaye Adams editor was not party to this contempt for the license fee-payer.


Shrodinger's Bampot Shrodinger’s Bampot

According to Chris Bambery’s twitter account, he lives in Scotland. However, like the quantum zombie in the Shrodinger’s cat thought experiment, Comrade Bambery exhibits the ability to occupy two contradictory states simultaneously. He has, he claims, lived in Russia for several years with a girlfriend he met at Edinburgh University.

Now, I don’t completely discount the possibility that I have made a mistake. Maybe that wasn’t his voice on BBC Radio Scotland’s Morning Call with Louise White today. But, let’s be frank, it was. He knows it was. So does Louise White, Kay Adams, John Wight who appeared on the show using his real name, and thousands of socialists who are familiar with his voice.

Why did Louise White pretend he was someone else, someone called Ed? Louise says she hopes the BBC wasn’t paying for the call. So do I. I would very much resent the license…

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