Regional Procurator Fiscal John Miller, Alan McCombes and illegality to protect undercover cops [repost]

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I hand delivered this letter (one of many) to a secretary at the Regional Procurator Fiscal’s office. He was at the time investigating the role of a former head of Special Branch, Jim Orr, who had destroyed forensic evidence proving that my mail was being illegally intercepted, including mail sent to me by staff at the Scottish Human Rights Centre relating to this case.

John Miller responded to a break in of my house by thugs connected to police officers who were being investigated for collusion over a series of death threats to me, and the jailing of the head of this gang, the one who illegally intercepted my mail, forensic evidence of this being destroyed by the head of the investigation at the time, Assistant Chief Constable Jim Orr. Jim Orr resigned from Strathclyde Police 24 hours after I complained about the destruction of this evidence. The next morning’s…

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