Open letter to Iain McNicol about Alastair Campbell, Dr Bennie and Special Branch criminals: Part I

Douglas Alexander refused to investigate Channel4 News’s Darshna Soni’s role in the coverup of Dr Bennie’s having me illegally detained after prescribing a drug that could have killed me. This is connected to two undercover cops, including serial state rapist Chris Bambery and Frances Curran who MI5 allowed to frame me for breaking bail conditions and help the cops behind the razor attack on me in my home at 50c St Ninians Road Paisley at 10:00am 16 March 2003. Darshna Soni is not the only so-called ‘journalist’ who is covering up for these agents of the British state.


Dr Bennie Scotland 2015 BBC Scotland BMA

Dear Iain McNicol,

Since you are keen to investigate the appointees of Jeremy Corbyn to help the Blairites whose job self-evidently it is to destroy the Labour Party (none of whom won more than one fifth of the vote, a mere third of Jeremy Corbyn’s vote, and one third of whom won one fifteenth of Jeremy Corbyn’s vote!), I would like to ask you personally to investigate former Director of Communications for Prime Minister Tony Blair – Alastair Campbell – and his role in covering up for criminals in the pay of Special Branch, including systematic destruction of forensic evidence, several break-ins, hospitalizations by means of a razors and a metal bar (in my home at 50c St Ninians Road on 16 March 2003), a one month’s illegal detention without access to a lawyer, eighteen months malicious prosecution to cover-up for the deployment of Special Branch undercover cops at…

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