Tristram Hunt’s Phil Burton-Cartledge has expired?

Whenever one of my blog articles are accessed, I reread it to try to work out why. And to check for typos, possible factual errors, and poor writing. Just reread this. I quite like it, and it relates to what I tweeted for hours yesterday vis-a-vis David Cameron and Theresa May abusing their powers to cover up for corrupt, and violent, undercover cops, and corrupt members of the Privy Council such as Douglas Alexander and Tristram Hunt, both of whom are linked to these corrupt police spies. Since so much of this relates to what I was tweeting about yesterday and why it relates to Theresa May and David Cameron’s trying to stop their own criminality being exposed by, for example, Jeremy Corbyn and Mhairi Black… Well, here it is. Make of it what you will.


Eduard Bernstein loving idiot, Phil Burton-Cartledge

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Andy Newman’s blog has bit the dust? Anyone got a scooby what happened? I don’t know. Not for certain. Not yet. Can’t be too long before we hear though. Hear one or two theories, that is – even if some of them are uneducated guesses, desperate wishes it is something worse than death, or maybe smoke blown in the eyes of the left by elements of the British state. I have a theory or two as to what mighthave happened, some highly speculative (conspiracy theories?), others more plausible in the eyes of anyone who knows anything about Andy Newman’s notorious blog.

The first possibility is that Ed Miliband may have played a part in the death of this blog. Did he or his minders demand Newman deletes his blog, or face expulsion from the Labour Party? I can see a great many reasons…

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