Who framed Colin Wallace to protect MI5 pedophiles? Alan Johnson?

Reblogging this after it seems to have been accessed for the first time in a while. Interest in it may, perhaps, be connected to what I was tweeting about for a few hours yesterday during Andy Burnmam and Keir Starmer’s woeful ‘opposition’ to state intrusion by criminals like Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May, who should be exposed by my own MP, Mhairi Black, if it wasnt’ for her own secretary refusing to let me speak to her. Hope Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions about his and Theresa May’s abuse of British Intelligence to get police spies elected as MSPs, and to send police spies to do to the leader of the Stop The War Coalition what 90% of Bob Lambert’s team did to their victims: an abuse that has legitimately been called ‘state rape’. It is rape as no consent was given. And Jeremy Corbyn’s associates have been victims of this, and still don’t know they’re entitled to compensation for this abuse. And Privy Council members know about it, and to this day cover it up. Total scandal.


411oKDHR5eL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_ copyBBC Johnson

Alan Johnson has been dragged out to support Yvette Cooper who is now deemed the only one capable of stopping Jeremy Corbyn. Shot in the arm, if you believe ultra-right-wing Tory Norman Smith. Kiss of death is my assessment.

The Blairites are right about one thing: Andy Burnham’s campaign has been a car crash from beginning to end. Andy has disgusted those to his left and right in equal measure. No one trusts someone who can’t make his mind up from one minute to the next if he’ll give Jeremy Corbyn a job or not, whether he told a joke or not, whether it is or is not right to vote against robbing the poor to pay bail out George Osborne’s drug abusing, prostitute abusing class of out-of-control bankers who wrecked the economy.

Not only will Andy Burnham now find it hard to secure any second-preference votes from anyone; he’s…

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