Sign petition to ask Angela Eagle to resign


@angelaeagle has to resign as a member of parliament. She  has scabbed on Jeremy Corbyn from day he was elected Labour leader, with three times as many votes as the closest competition from the Anyone-But-Corbyn Horror Show.

Angela Eagle was given her chance to rehabilitate herself for her past sins, but has failed abysmally.

Angela Eagle refused to vote against Tory benefit cuts. But she happily voted for Tony Blair’s disastrous Iraq War.

Angela Eagle voted for more powers for the #MI5 criminals, those who gave us the notorious dodgy dossier, buried industrial scale pedophilia at Kincora for half a century, threatened to murder Tony Benn if he was elected  Prime Minister.

MI5 have their fingerprints all over Angela Eagle’s grubby little coup to topple Jeremy Corbyn. It’s no coincidence that Jeremy Corbyn happened to be Tony Benn’s favorite MP.

Angela Eagle has behaved dishonorably. She doesn’t deserve to be an MP. She has to be forced to resign today. Let’s have a by-election, Angela. Let’s give Labour voters the chance to elect someone who is not celebrated by David Cameron, and who happily shares platforms with cabinet ministers who are puppets for that 24% Tory dictator.

Please sign this petition today:

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