Defend Labour Party democracy:

jeremy corbyn  petition

  • This is a no-brainer. Only cowards will try to win an election by disenfranchising half a million Labour members queuing up to reelect the leader they already voted for: Jeremy Corbyn. Members delivered to Jeremy Corbyn voted three times as many votes as his nearest rival, fifteen times that of one of the ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ ‘Horror Show’ threesome.
  • Labour’s rules are clear. Neil Kinnock and Angela Eagle are not just cowards; they pretend they don’t know what one member-one-vote means, insulting the intelligence of voters.
  • Labour MPs can’t topple a leader they don’t like. If they got away with that this time, what’s to stop them doing it all over again next month, or as often as they feel like it?
  • This is sabotage on behalf of Tony Blair’s cronies, deliberately trying to destroy Labour, doing this to help David Cameron and Theresa May, then blame Jeremy Corbyn for the electorally damaging behavior.
  • The 172 MPs have one vote. That’s all. If they hate Labour members so much, they know where the door is. Let’s select 600 candidates who are proud to be loyal to the members, and their democratically elected leader: Jeremy Corby.
  • Keep Corbyn. Get rid of those who hate democracy.

Please sign the petition to stop 172 anti-democratic Blairites depriving 500,000 Labour members voting for the leader of their choise.

Angela Eagle had her say, and her choice was defeated by over eighty percent of Labour’s members. If she can’t accept that, she is in the wrong party.

Sign the petition before Labour’s National Executive Committee meets, just a few hours from now: Respect Jeremy Corbyns right to automatically be on the leadership ballot




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