Expel Iain McNicol, Labour’s MI5 Stooge

IAIN MCNICOL TWITTER AVATAR  0a3404492c980ec4c1895780c2d1aec7 EDIT 3
Iain McNicol is self-evidentally working with Theresa May’s forces of darkness: MI5 and Special Branch undercover cops.

Iain McNicol wants us to believe he is so stupid he doesn’t know what “one-member-one-vote” means. He is of course lying. Labour’s general secretary simply insults the intelligence of all Labour members, and the entire British electorate as well, by pretending he has an IQ lower than that of a monkey.

One-member-one-vote means precisely what it says on the tin. Precedents going back to the days of block votes and electoral colleges have no bearing whatsoever on Angela Eagle’s Blairite coup.

All 172 Labour MPs have the same vote as 500,000 plus members: no more, no less. Every Labour MP pretending their votes count for more than the 80% of members who voted against every single one of their candidates – Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper – is not just exposing their contempt for the intelligence of Labour members; they’re cowards. They are cowards and they are cheats for refusing to let Jeremy Corbyn take them to the cleaners in a fair, rational, respectful debate deploying facts and logic. That’s what he did so impressively last year, so impressive that even the three Blairites own supporters dismissed them all as a ‘Horror Show’.

All 172 MPs have exposed themselves as not-serious politicians. Not one of them deserves to be an MP. No Labour member will ever again vote for, let alone vigorously canvass for, those who have devoted their entire time, 24-7, since Jeremy Corbyn won the election to sabotaging their own party. These Blairite MPs remind me of nothing so much as the American generals who said he had to destroy a village in order to save it. These MPs are done. Or, to put it another way, they are done in the short to medium term.

Today, the time has come for Tony Blair’s MI5-orchestrated coup to be ended. Those behind it should, in my personal opinion, hold onto their membership. This is not popular with many of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters. But Labour has to be a broad church of all anti-Tories. Under first-past-the-post, there can be no excuse for splitting the vote. Not so long as the left is allowed to join. Let the 172 MPs remain members of the party if that’s what they want, if they are willing to be rank and file members, if that’s what their CLP decides. Let’s see if they can rehabilitate themselves. Good luck with that, comrades. Given what you’ve been doing, it’s going to take a hell of a long time for any of you to win back any respect. At least not in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless, not everyone can be allowed to remain members. Those with an established link to the crimes of Theresa May’s MI5 and Special Branch undercops – rapists, torturers, murderers: all of those rats must face more than mere expulsion; they are without a shadow of a doubt going to jail.

And every Privy Councilor – whether Labour, Tory or whatever – who is proven to have sanctioned the use of police spies to frame innocent people, to torture them with razor blades, to detain them for a month without access to a lawyer, paying others, apparently, to attempt take their very lives with lethal drugs – anyone caught doing any of that is going to jail for a very long time. And – as I’ve already explained to Iain McNicol [Open Letter to Iain McNicol], that long list of crimes is a direct reference to my ex-MP,  Douglas Alexander, as well as both the Prime Minister of today – David Cameron – and the Prime Minister of tomorrow, Theresa May.

Have a nice day, all you MI5 plotters

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