Iain McNicol should be expelled


Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol should be expelled from the party. I have no doubt about that. The list of his crimes is very long indeed. Not sure how many of my complaints would be accepted by everyone. Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be able to admit he agrees with me on everything. Not at this stage. In the fullness of time however I expect most Labour Party members will agree he had been working hand-in-glove with the enemies of the party, and very likely knowly conspiring with Theresa May’s forces of darkness: MI5 and Special Branch undercover  cops acting as agent provocateurs, possibly with several planted at the very top. Is that paranoid? Don’t think so.

It’s safe to assume that Theresa May’s secret police have got someone passing info to them. But how do we prove who it is? They won’t be wearing a badge. MI5 will take great pleasure in Jeremy Corbyn and his top aids constantly looking over their shoulder, wondering who is leaking, and are they taking money for doing it?; what exactly are their motives: blackmailed perhaps?

From MI5’s point of view, it’s best for the left to assume we can’t trust anyone. What the left should do is ignore who is being paid by MI5 unless we manage to get real proof. Rather than assert someone must be in the pay of British Intelligence (unless we can prove it of course), we should instead discuss strategy and tactics, as openly as possible.

Since we can’t hide our plans from GCHQ, MI5, Special Branch, NSA etc, let’s be as honest with all our potential supporters as possible. Let’s be as democratic as possible. Let’s  work through the consequences of all the various options open to us. Let others within our ranks openly tell us what they think, when they believe we have gotten something wrong, and then let’s settle our differences by means of majority votes if and when a final decision has to be taken. The left has nothing to fear from open debate and majority votes. Our enemies, on the other hand, most certainly do.

Tensions within the ‘Anyone-But-Corbyn’ Horror Show are set to grow; after all, they can’t discuss strategy and tactics. They can’t do what we can because their egos mean they need to keep their cards as close as possible to their respective chests. That is why we find Angela Eagle and Owen Smith attacking each other, with one implying the other is ‘abnormal’ for not being in a heterosexual relationship with children, while the other alleging her opponent isn’t a woman and has no intention of becoming one.

Jeremy Corbyn looks on in amusement at the shambles of his opponents, without being at all complacent, of course. He and all his supporters reach outwards, engaging with the entire rank and file of the Labour Party’s half a million strong membership, and voters desperate for a left-wing alternatives to Tory butchery of our democratic rights.

Even if the ‘Anyone-But-Corbyn’  mob do agree to a single candidate, what can he/she say? Angela Eagle and Yvette Cooper say Labour’s leader can’t be a man. That won’t go down well with at least half the Blairites, all of whom aspire not to create a humane society, but merely drip personal ambition from every pour.

Whether the Blairites opt for a man or a woman, they will have the weight of not offending any of their many factions and personalities, each of them wanting to advance their careers at the expense of colleagues, knifing each other in the backs every chance they get. Lowest common denominator tedium on steroids that will provoke nothing more than yawns and snoring. Nah, that’s going to win zero votes.

The reason Iain McNicol has stolen 130,000 votes, and into the bargain raising the cost of supporter votes to 8,000% what it was last year is to disenfranchise Labour’s poorest voters. Iain McNicol sets it at a rate that will encourage tens of thousands of ultra-rich Tory voters like Julia Hartley-Brewer to repeat what she did last year, to stop Jeremy Corbyn. This is a clear sign: what we are dealing with is a stitch-up by Britain’s equivalent of the General Pinochet tendency, back to Victorian values: if you  want a vote, you’d better not be too poor to buy a vote.

These criminals know from how members have been voting –  83% support for Jeremy Corbyn – that they’d all lose votes of no confidence themselves, all across the country. So Iain McNicol closes down Labour Party democracy. That’s enough. Time to call a halt on this right-wing coup. Iain McNicols’s dicatorship cannot stand. Iain McNicol needs to be expelled. And it needs to happen pretty much immediately.


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