Theresa May will betray. Brexiteers have had their day

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Theresa May will betray Brexit. And that is likely to lead to the toppling of her government, possibly before triggering Article 50.

Theresa May says ‘Brexit means Brexit’. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? UKIP voters know beyond a shadow of a doubt they voted to leave the single market. But she intends to keep it, as do many Tory Brexiteers. That means free movement of labour, which means she has zero ability to cut immigration the way she says she wants. And that means all those Labour voters who voted for higher wages due to reduced supply of labour are going to be betrayed. That in turn, as Theresa May knows, will boost UKIP, and their race hate violent fringe: Britain First, arsonists, thugs, killers.

Theresa May says ‘Brexit means Brexit’. But it was sold to voters by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom on the utterly false basis that doing so would lead to £350,000,000 becoming available for the NHS, a lie which SKY News’s political editor was quite happy to denounce as nothing more than a lie. Where is it our £350,000,000 for the NHS, Theresa? Where’s our investment for much needed public services? Or are you propping up your 0.00% Premiership on a lie from day one?

What about rail nationalization? The EU’s rules on public ownership galvanized the left-wing component of the Brexit vote. They featured not at all in the mainstream media, which was a toxic mix of support for ultra-rich Tories and hatred of foreigners. Nevertheless, on the ground Labour voters did get to read TUSC’s material, and that of some fellow travelers on the Labour left.

Does this wing of the Brexit vote now succeeed in bringing into public ownership socially-necessary assets, to stop asset strippers getting away with murdering the British economy, then pissing off with their ill-gotten gains squirred away in a tax haven? Give us our right to end the parasitism of unearned income, of rich Tory asset strippers and money launderers like David Cameron’s tax-dodging dad. Or do those Brexit voters not count under Theresa May’s 0.00% Tory dictatorship?

Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have the support of the CBI and MI5 propaganda machine: aka the BBC. Nor does he have the support of Rupert Murdoch’s SKY News or the anonymous Thatcherite suits at Channel4News. Nevertheless, what passes for political programs in the UK these days is so biased in favour of the rich and powerful that those to the left of Maggie Thatcher mostly boycott news programs, even some very good ones – like Eddie Mair’s excellent Radio4 PM. That in turn has lead to an unnecessary, and quite dangerously politically-uneducated electorate.

Jeremy Corbyn is savaged by so-called commentators, little more than Tory propagandists. But the power of the rich and powerful isn’t what it used to be. To be frank, many should have realized long ago that the right-wing bias of the editors at BBC, SKY News and Channel4News is so bad whatever ‘experts’ they present to voters are assumed to be talking utter bollocks, even when they’re doing no such thing. The commentariat have secured for themselves the anti-Midas touch: whatever they touch turns to shit.

Those who feel betrayed by Theresa May’s 0.00% dictatorship will rally behind new forces. UKIP will grow on the right, as will their paramilitary wing: Britain First. Tory MPs, feeling pressure from their hardline voters will appease UKIP to stop them facing defeat at the next election.

Those who feel betrayed by Theresa May’s attitude to Brexit who are traditional Labour voters will be up for grabs. Nigel Farage and whoever he leaves behind will try to tap into Labour’s vote where it voted for Brexit. However, while Blairite appeasers of Nigel Farage’s xenophobia will prove worse than useless in rebuilding Labour’s vote, Jeremy Corbyn can do that, and he will do that.

Theresa May will find the majority of MPs on both left and right will scupper her right to sign up to a deal they reject, a deal that their voters reject. I expect Blairites and many Tory MPs will stop her triggering Brexit if they see single market is off the table, and most Tories will join with Blairites to topple the government if that appears to be her priority. Parliament will have a vote of no confidence to topple Theresa May’s government if she triggers Article 50 without the support of Parliament. And she won’t secure her position as Prime Minister until she spells out which flavour of Brexit she finds most appetizing.

I predict Theresa May’s government will fall, and fall quite quickly – possibly before the triggering of Article 50. Either way, no stable government will be formed before or after triggering it with or without Parliamentary authority. That means voters will be lumbered with a zombie parliament for the next four years unless over 60% of MPs give voters what we want: an early general election. If MPs vote to prop up that four-year long zombie parliament, amid a series of unstable coalitions, then voters will simply get angrier by the day. In such circumstances, all those participating in any of these short-lived governments will lose their seats when the general election is called, with the growth of parties of the left and right. And if Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have no option but to make do with less than a majority of the PLP, then that will be a price Labour voters will be prepared to pay, and that is because Blairite MPs are indistinguishable from David Cameron and Theresa May’s wretched government of milionaires, by millionaires, for millionaires.



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