Impeach Theresa May. Let’s start today

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Since David Cameron was replaced by Theresa May, I’ve been switching my Twitter avatar quite a lot. I think I may stick with this one.

I nailed my colours to the mast on demanding impeachment of Theresa May from the moment she was ‘coronated’ Prime Minister without a single vote from the electorate. This Tory government is a majority government which 63% voted against, which less than a quarter voted for, and a Prime Minister with 0.0% of the vote.

Theresa May is a dictator. She has no mandate. Voters should treat this Tory dictator with the contempt she deserves. Should she be impeached simply for being a Prime Minister nobody voted for? No, of course not. That’s allowed by the United Kingdom’s disgusting ‘constitution’.

Should Theresa May be impeached for leading a gang of MPs which over three quarters of the electorate refused to endorse by popular vote? No. That won’t work either. First-past-the-post makes this type of dictatorship almost inevitable, although rarely has a government had such a tiny percentage of the vote, with two thirds of voters positively voting against it. Despite this, from a constitutional point of view, nothing can be done to get rid of Theresa May as Prime Minister, nor topple this outrageously unpopular Tory government.

So, why am I calling for the impeachment of Theresa May?  First of all, I want to make it crystal clear this is not a joke. This is a serious proposal. I make this call for the same reason I called on David Cameron to be impeached. I am, by the way, absolutely disgusted by my so-called representatives at both Holyrood and Westminster for allowing David Cameron to resign as Prime Minister before my so-called representatives at either the British or Scottish parliament agreed to speak to me about why David Cameron should have been impeached.

In the case of Stewart Maxwell MSP, I suspect he had a very good idea why I needed to speak to him, but consciously used his secretary as a means of supplying him with ‘plausible deniability’. I make no such allegations against Mhairi Black. I like her, and I trust her. I can’t explain her secretary’s behavior: possibly she is just not up to the job. Regardless of the reasons for these secretaries refusing to let me speak to either my  MP or MSP without what I’m saying being made immediately available to Theresa May’s forces of darkness via GCHQ, I’m going to see to it that Theresa May is hounded for her role in the nightmare that has been inflicted on me. This nightmare I refer to includes:

  1. hospitalisation by means of razor blades
  2. detention without trial
  3. torture
  4. my almost dying in circumstances that raise questions about it constituting attempted murder by a man called Peter Bennie

Impeachment is coming, Theresa May. This is just part one in a series of articles making my case for that. My intention, as I’ve already made clear, is to stand against her at the general election when the Tory Party summon the courage to ask for a mandate. I expect she will have been toppled for many reasons before the general election. But if she’s still Prime Minister my intention is to stand against her in her constituency. However, there is something else I want to say. By the time of the general election, I intend to have joined the Labour Party. I could hardly stand against the official Labour Party candidate. Maybe I can move to that seat in advance and try to get myself selected as the candidate. But if I am not, then that’s fine. I will happily support the official candidate. But I will campaign for her impeachment during the general election, and distribute material during the campaign.

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