Impeach Theresa May. Part 2

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This is my second post calling for Theresa May’s impeachment; here’s the first: Impeach Theresa May. Let’s start today

Can’t be arsed using Roman numerals because I’ll soon forget what they are, and this is likely to be a long series of article. Fingers crossed.

My first post was a mere opening salvo. Not sure how many read  it, or who thought it worth taking seriously. But it wasn’t a joke. While those who have read it may think it’s over the top, the ramblings of a deranged man, a piece of misguided satire or whatever, I hope to rapidly change the minds of the left and at least a few serious commentators, possibly an investigative journalist worth his or her salts. Britain’s Prime Minister is a criminal. And she, like her predecessor David Cameron should face the consequences of her criminal activities. In other words, Theresa May has to be impeached.

As I’ve tried to make clear to my member of Parliament, Mhairi Black, I have been the victim of serious crimes. I demand that the politicians and others responsible for this criminal activity are brought to justice. When I tried to get to Mhairi Black’s secretary to let me speak to my MP, David Cameron was still at the top of the pyramid. Now it’s Theresa May, a 0.00% Tory dictator.

Theresa May and David Cameron are both burying evidence that I was illegally detained and  tortured for a month without access to a lawyer during the Leveson Inquiry. I was denied access to the internet to expose him live while he committed perjury broadcast all around the world. When I was released from this detention, my MP (Head of Labour’s general election strategy, Douglas Alexander) at the time refused to speak to me to discuss any of these crimes. His secretary insisted I speak to her instead, on what she knew was an unsecure line. Furthermore, she refused to speak to me on my own telephone. At the time I let her get away with this as it didn’t occur to me why she was doing this. I’ve since worked it out.

Theresa May as Home Secretary had access to GCHQ tapes that 100% verify my account. I suspect a lot this intrusion was carried out illegally by both her and David Cameron. Subsequently, she’s probably signed warrants to tap my phone, but still illegally records everything I say on the phone to any MP or MSP, lawyer, investigative journalist, or anyone else I may try to enlist to bring them both – as well as their criminal police spies – to justice. However, if Douglas Alexander’s secretary speaks to me about crimes committed by Theresa May, David Cameron and those behind my illegal detention without access to a lawyer, and torture too btw, then she is in very serious trouble indeed. The reason for this is Theresa May’s GCHQ and MI5 would have to redact hundreds of pages of transcripts of my telephone conversations which make detailed reference to the following:

  1. 18 months malicious prosecution
  2. a sustained razor attack in my own home that lead to my being hospitalized
  3. repeated burglaries of my home – in three seperate towns
  4. smear campaigns orchestrated by so-called ‘journalists’ and editors at BBC Scotland, Channel4News, The Herald as well police spies working for Tristram Hunt (‘Phil Hamilton’?)
  5. industrial scale perjury with police spies lying on oath on both sides of a criminal trial, to protect the identities of two of the most senior police spies in Britain over the last few decades: Chris Bambery (a rapist of the Bob Lambert variety) and Frances Curran whose role in Leveson is key as can be verified by the tapes Douglas Alexander’s secretary helped keep buried…

I am alleging that Douglas Alexander’s secretary knowingly protected those criminals I wanted to speak to my MP about, the criminals I want to speak to Mhairi Black about. Douglas Alexander’s secretary needs to explain why she refused to let me speak to him. And she needs to explain why she refused to let me get my case across to her on my phone where I could use GCHQ tapes/transcript as a record of what we spoke about, or with extensive redaction casting doubt on her account of what we spoke about.

And my current MP, Mhairi Black, should tell her secretary that she wants to speak to me about every allegation in the second part of my articles calling for Theresa May to be impeached. And Mhairi Black needs to agree to see me in circumstances where those I want to be brought to justice are not given access to my case against them. The SNP’s MPs need to know what kind of Prime Minister Theresa May is. And they can’t do that if they refuse to speak to their constituents.


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