Email to Andrea McGall, 27 July 2016

Dear Andrea,
I have no idea if we’ve had any previous contact. My adhd may be responsible for my not remembering your name. I will assume you know nothing about me and why you never realized it’s inappropriate for you to contact me without going through an approved intermediary. One of your colleagues – Social Worker Charris Malcolm – turned up on Tuesday trying to do the same. As I assumed it may have something to do with the threatened eviction, I decided to talk through the letterbox despite having no rep. I had tried to contact my MP Mhairi Black – as I have done previously, as I have tried to contact other politicians, including her predecessor Douglas Alexander, and also Stewart Maxwell MSP. None of them have agreed to speak to me direct, and the secretaries of all three of them seem to have no idea what I’m talking about, and had no intention of passing this on to their employer.
It is Renfrewshire Council’s fault I have no support, and no advocate to defend my rights. This is your  problem, not mine. It is a problem that my MP/MSP should be dealing with.
Half an hour after Charris Malcolm left, I received a call from two cops. I didn’t know they were cops at the time but I don’t answer the door to strangers, and wouldn’t speak to cops without a lawyer or being threatened unless I did speak to them. They left a card that worried me. I decided it might have sommething to do with this threat of eviction so I tried to phone them. While on the phone to Police Scotland they turned up again. They said Mhairi Black’s office asked them to call. I am now assuming that Charris Malcolm’s visit was also prompted by a call from Mhairi Black’s office. If so, this was not mentioned, Mhairi Black should know that I won’t speak to anyone from Renfrewshire Council without an advocate or lawyer, so I’m assuming a member of her staff who doesn’t know what’s going on took this decision,, and Charris chose not to let me in the loop. That worries me for a few reasons. I assumed there must be some coordination between Social Work and Housing Departments. If that is not the case, then my discussion with Charris won’t have given you any incentive to back off from the eviction threat. If you two are not already in touch, you need to be immediately.
Secondly, I noticed you have an email address pretty late in the day. When I entered it into my contacts list, I wondered if Charris wrote down the wrong email address. Here’s ends in, whereas yours ends in Maybe the two departments have different versions, but I’ve often got the two mixed up, so maybe Charris has got me sending emails to the wrong address.
Since I know you have the right address, and the social worker may not have supplied hers correctly, I want to let you know information she should know. She claimed she wanted to know if there’s anything she can do for me. She should know she needs to let me have a witness when we discuss this. She seems to imply that as far as she’s concerned the reason I’m getting no support is because I don’t need it. That suggestion makes me very angry. She must know I am being deprived of the help I need, and I expect people will lose their jobs over this. My life is hell, and both the Housing Department and Social Work Department should recognize their key roles in making this so. Mhairi Black and Stewart Maxwell should too. But maybe they’ve been kept in the dark by their own secretaries.
My physical health is catastrophic and I’ve been in extreme pain for years, and if Renfrewshire Council wants to pretend it’s got nothing to do with you lot, then good luck with that.
Your letter says I haven’t responded to previous correspondance. However, as everyone at Renfrewshire Council should be aware by removing my support, you remove my ability to contact people over the phone, so I don’t use the phone except in an emergency, and I don’t open any envelopes in case they demand I speak to someone on the phone and then I face the problem of having no advocate. This is the fault of Renfrewshire Council, not mine. And that’s why it is particularly disappointing that it looks like Mhairi Black’s office got the Social Work Department to come to visit me without an advocate present. Mhairi’s secretary knows why I need an advocate. And, even if you claim you didn’t already know this, you do now.
If the tone of this email strikes you as harsh, you need to see it in the context of what I’ve had to put up with. I am a wreck, and my reasons for blaming Renfrewshire Council for this are entirely legitimate. Individuals may be wonderful people, but I simply can’t take the risk, and no one ever takes the trouble to find out what their colleagues have been up to over the years and decades.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Delargy
[This email is not an exact copy of the one I’ve sent a few moments ago. Having sent the email with zero proper proof-reading, I started to improve on what I had sent and immediately realized this is not a good idea. I don’t think any of the changes I started to make change the substance, but I may have added a detail or two that clarified something that was badly phrased in the email. My adhd means I can’t remember exactly what I changed, but I better stop now before they diverge. I do have a lot more to say, but will do that in further emails.]
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