Email to Renfrewshire Council’s Charris Malcolm

This is a copy of a quick email I sent to Social Worker who called to see me yesterday without explaining what triggered this visit. About half an hour after she left, two cops turned up. I never answer my door to strangers, but I assumed it was cops as I heard their radios. They left a card asking me to get in touch. While I was on the phone to Police Scotland trying to speak to these cops who didn’t explain what they wanted, they turned up at my door again. This time I spoke to them. Usually I avoid this if I can without a witness. However, as I explained on Mhairi Black’s answering machine, I’m now scared I’ll be evicted without contacting the people I’ve been trying to get my MP to investigate for years. So I spoke to the cops through the letter box.

Only one of them said anything, but I could see his colleague in the background. No commplaints about these cops. Both were polite and seemed genuinely wanting to help me. The one who spoke said I’m not in any trouble, but Mhairi Black’s office contacted them to ask them to visit me for reasons neither of us seemed clear about. At the time I was puzzled. However, two thoughts strike me. The decision to contact the police could not have been taken by Mhairi Black herself. Must be someone else. It is disappointing that they did this as her staff should know that I’ve been trying to get her to protect me from cops and Renfrewshire Council. And that brings me to Charris Malcolm. I ran past the cops my theory that if they turned up because Mhairi Black’s office asks them to, is it possible that that’s why Charris Malcolm visited me? If it is, she never said anything,, and that is troubling. Why would Mhairi Black’s office ask those I want my MP to protect me from send out representatives from them? Crossed lines? Hopefully.

Anyway, I told Charris Malcolm that by insisting on having a witness, an advocate who appreciates the nature of my adhd and other imparments, and is willing to defend my civil liberties is not just good for me. She needs it too. She seemed unconvinced, but if she has time I’m more than happy to explain it to her. I am also not convinced the email address she wrote on the piece of paper she stuck through my letterbox is accurate. It ends with However, her colleague’s email address ends with If she gave me the wrong email address, then what I sent won’t have got to her. Anyway, here it is:

  • Dear Charris,
  • I hope you get this. Having got out my bed to check the electricity is on, I decided to check twitter before going back to bed. I mentioned your visit. Before going back to bed, someone called. I suspected it may be the police, and as you should know I avoid them when possible. Eventually I checked if they’d left a card. I tweeted their details, then checked to see if Mhairi Black had called. She hadn’t, but cops had. I worked out how to get in touch to see what they wanted, and while on the phone to police scotland, trying to put me through to johnstone, the cops returned to my door. They said they were contacted by Mhairi Black’s office. Wonder why they asked cops to contact me. Mhairi Black can’t have had anything to do with this. This must be a decision taken by staff at her office. Her secretary knows I need to speak to her about the police. The two cops were polite, so I’ve no complaints about them. The only info they had was supplied by Mhairi’s office, and I don’t know what they wwere told. I assumed you had to be coordinating your visit to me with that of Renfrewshire Council Housing Officer who left that letter for me yesterday. If you’ve not been in touch, then it’s important you get in touch. Both of you should know that I won’t speak to anyone from Renfrewshire Council without an advocate or lawyer. Don’t know how I can be any clearer on that point. If Mhairi Black’s office asked you to visit me, why would you not have told me that? Anyway, here is the first part of my attempt to contact your colleague, Housing Officer Andrea McGall: Open Letter to Andrea McGall Part I
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