Why shouldn’t you vote Owen Smith? How long have you got?

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Owen Smith was supposed to defeat Jeremy Corbyn by avoiding the Horror Show of the Three Stooges last year crashing into each other in their daft clown cars while Jeremy Corbyn juggernaut just got on with the business of actually answering the questions, inspiring mass meetings of young activists to take the party back into their own hands, rather than a tiny elite of out-of-touch Blairite SPADs.

172 MPs decided to pour the Anyone-But-Corbyn venom into one big pot. But that pot has been smashed to pieces by the one man Horror Show that is their candidate: Owen Smith.

Where do we begin with Owen Smith? 22% in the polls isn’t a good sign. Where on earth could he pick up another 29% to scrape get over the winning post? He’d have to move leftwards and he knows it. And dramatically leftwards. But he was picked as a compromise candidate, Mr Lowest Common Denominator. That means he’s tongue-tied, because if he rips off the policies that got Jeremy Corbyn elected last year and is destined to do so again this year, won’t that alienate Liz Kendall’s 4.5% ultra-losers? Of course it would, and they’ll not bite their tongue.

Being a man who boasts about being ‘normal’ because he has a female wife, and kids as well implies he suffers from the same prejudices that destroyed Andrea Leadsom’s leadership campaign. Added to that, we now realize Owen Smith is proud that his language and values embrace joking about smashing women off their heels. Words have consequences, Owen.

Owen Smith is old enough to realize that such language gives succour to wife beaters. Women know that violence against women is no joke. Any so-called opinion former who encourages others to toy with such language is contributing to a climate within which thugs breed. Thugs put their fists where Owen Smith’s mouth is. Is Owen Smith too immature to know better? He has used that excuse once before: to justify wasting police time by dialing 999 for a daft reason. Not many adults ask for forgiveness for what they did when they were already thirty years old. Not normal adults.

Everyone can be forgiven for making a mistake. Typos and slips of the tongue are inevitable for each and every one of us. However, most of us would have noticed the moment they said what Owen Smith said that they had better take it back. He should have withdrawn it immediately. Sophy Ridge gave him two opportunities to take it back, but Owen thought he’d brazen it out and suggest his critics are being too politically correct.

It wasn’t until six hours after everyone else told him to grow up that some anonymous spokesperson issued an apology on behalf of Owen Smith. No opportunity for Sophy Ridge nor anyone else to tease out just how sincere this apology was. Why didn’t he take it back when told what’s wrong with it? What made him change his mind? Did he set up a series of emergency focus groups before deciding what to do? Where is he hiding, by the way? Is a gang of spin doctors drilling the new line into his head before they let him loose on the cameras again? How will that go down? Still no mention about any of this on his twitter account.

Owen Smith refuses to debate with Labour member on Twitter. He refuses to explain his U-Turns in front of the cameras. But he is writing for The SUN? Rupert Murdoch’s SUN? This man is clueless. He isn’t taken seriously by half a million Labour Party members, and he will have embarrassed most of his 172 MPs by stealing Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, or a few of them which the Liz Kendall detest with a vengence.

The Tory editors and proprietors who have hoped he could topple Jeremy Corbyn will find it hard to back him due to too large a leap to the left, but women in Labour and all men appalled by violence against women will be disgusted by him too, whether they want to vote for Corbyn or not.

Smith’s vote won’t be good. Many of the 172 MPs will blame him individually, then say the contest was unfair as its not their fault they picked a clown who can’t be trusted to sit the right way on a toilet seat never mind have his finger on the button to start World War Three.


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