Andy Coulson and rapist Chris Bambery


Hayley Barlow gave airtime tonight to David Cameron’s disgraced Director of Communications, Andy Coulson. Coulson’s the man who lied on oath while still working at Downing Street. The British state chose not to persue him  for perjury, and I know why it ran away from persuing Coulson while sending Tommy Sheridan to jail for three years for the same crime, convicted on the evidence (at least in part) of the Prime Minister’s closest friend and colleague. How do I know? Insider information: being in the right place at the right time; a series of happy accidents; stubbornness; possibly a little intelligence and ability to join the dots that others didn’t, or couldn’t, notice.

Douglas Alexander also knows why Andy Coulson never had to go to jail for committing perjury while working at Downing Street. Home Secretary at the time, Theresa May, shares our secret. Many Privy Councilors also know. What do we know? David Cameron sanctioned Andy Coulson’s perjury, specifically doing it to protect the identities of several high placed police spies on the left in Britain, including Frances Curran MSP and, working for the other side of this criminal case – obviously spying on them – head of Glasgow University’s Latin American Studies, Mike Gonzalez.

Hayley Barlow’s colleague Darshna Soni collaborates with that part of the British state that descends to detention without trial, to torture, and possibly to attempted murder. Attempted murder? Yes, that’s what I said, and it’s not joke. I was almost killed by the man who lied to a judge to have me detained after I tried to have him investigated for prescribing me a drug that could have killed me. I was promised by the two arresting officers that my allegtion against Dr Bennie would be investigated provided I submitted to their handing me over to him for detention during the Leveson hearings, a promise that has never been kept, despite my trying to get my MP at the time, an MSP and my new MP to discuss these matters with me. Every last one of them have denied me access to them, or so their secretaries tell me. Whether one or more of them has done this out of not being up to the job, or being paid by the Prime Minister’s office to stop MPs and MSPs investigating crimes committed by police spies… I can only guess.

Douglas Alexander has buried this crime by Dr Bennie, as has Stewart Maxwell MSP, and it would appear Mhairi Black also. In Mhairi’s case, I have no doubt that she is being prevented from getting access to any of this by staff at her office who refuse to let me speak to her. It is also possible that Stewart Maxwell faces similar problems from his staff, although I’m less inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt for a variety of reasons: he gives the impression of being happy to let his staff keep him out of the loop, and that reeks of plausible deniability; I simply don’t believe Mhairi Black has any idea what has been going on, and is relying on others who are letting her down as badly as they’re letting me down.

I received a call, twice, by cops this week. I didn’t know they were cops when they first turned up, but I suspected they might be as I thought I could hear what sounded like police radios. I never answer my door to anyone I’m not expecting and haven’t for over a decade. I never speak to the cops without a lawyer or other advocate I trust. Renfrewshire Council’s Maureen Beacom has seen to it that I have no advocate. However, as Maureen Beacom had sent a Housing Officer to threaten eviction unless I contacted her without an advocate, I was scared the police turning up had something to do with my forcible eviction, so I tried to contact them. While speaking to Police Scotland, the same cops returned. They told me they knew nothing other than they were sent to me by Mhairi Black’s office. I have to assume that my MP played no part in this decision because she should realize I need to speak to her about being protected from the police. The two officers agreed to speak to me through the letter box, and were polite: no complaints about them. But why on earth did Mhairi Black’s office send cops to see me? A social worker also turned up to me half an hour before the cops, and she was being very evasive and wanted to speak to me in person without an advocate. I don’t understand why Renfrewshire Council keep doing this. They know it’s not going to happen. This social worker never explained what she was doing a day after her Housing Officer colleague left a letter threatening to evict me. But I assumed they must be linked somehow. When the cops told me they’d been sent by Mhairi Black’s officer, I immediately leapt to the conclusion that maybe that’s why the social worker turned up. If Mhairi Black’s officer asked Renfrewshire Council to contact me, then this is bizarre. Her secretary knows I need to speak to my MP to deal with complaints about both the police and Renfrewshire Council.

How does this relate to Andy Coulson’s appearance on Channel4 News? Where do I begin?  I now think my near death experience caused by Dr Bennie may not have been due to medical negligence, which is what I assumed while I was detained during the Leveson Hearings. But Renfrewshire Council knew the timing of my month long detention, and torture, was no accident. A member of their staff refused to allow me to record a meeting she forced me to have without any advocate, threatening to deprive me of any support for my adhd unless I agreed not to tape that meeting. I had a tape recorder with me but was left with no choice but not to turn it on. I told her that this machine would protect the both of us. In the absence of a record of that meeting, it’s my word against hers, and I was confident who would be believed if this went to trial. She wouldn’t budge. Now it’s my word against hers, and one other individual who was basically being paid to lie for Maureen Beacom.

Due to my adhd, and not being allowed to tape record that meeting – which I think lasted about two hours -, I remember the name of either woman, but there will be a record of that somewhere. I do know what I wanted to enter into the minutes, and have spent a lot of time rehearsing what we discussed, and what they refused to let me discuss, even though there was no actual recording to verify my account. Having no witness or advocate, I had to give ground more than I wanted to. I am writing a dramatised account of that meeting, one which takes certain liberties with the truth as I remeber it. But this is dramatic license. I could pretend these two individuals let me discuss everything I wanted to, but that would be a lie. They kept changing the subject, and denied my account of many previous meetings, challenging every set of minutes of meetings that had gone on for about  decade. They summed up what I said at that meeting, and both of them relied on their denial of my having a record from which I could provide a verbatim transcrip to out-and-out lie about what I said during that meeting, even while the meeting was still in progress. Both of them seemed amused by my having no mmeans of exposing their lies. I was depressed by what they were doing, but I always felt that one day I’d get justice. What did I get? I got detained without access to a lawyer, and tortured, then smeared by ‘journalists’, ‘editors’, police officers and by politicians, and/or by politicians’ secretaries.

I raised at that meeting that I wanted Dr Bennie to be struck off for having almost killed me. If Renfrewshire Council had allowed me to record this meeting it would not have caught me accusing him of attempted murder as that had never crossed my mind as a possibility. When others implied that’s what I was probably implying, I left them in no doubt that would be a crazy conspiracy theory: what on Earth motive could he possibly have? None that I was aware of. After Alastair Campbell’s appearance on BBC Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams Show, however, I have wondered if Dr Bennie didn’t try to give me that lethal drug deliberately. I’m still sitting on the fence on that one, until I get more information.

If the doctor Alastair Campbell praised happens to be the same Dr Bennie I told Kaye Adams’s editor about, the one who very nearly killed me, then went on to have me illegally detained – and tortured – for a month (I remain in the dark about that), then I’ve no doubt that this was no mere accident, sheer incompetence that Bennie felt the need to cover up by having me illegally sectioned, simply in order to discredit my attempts to have him struck off for incompetence so gross that almost cost me my life. If the two men are one and the same, then any objective jury would not think twice before reaching the verdict that I must have been prescribed that lethal drug in order to shut me up, with the added advantage (from Bennie’s point of view) of being able to be dismissed after my death as an unfortunate side-effect of this drug for a medical condition, rather than what it actually was: homocide; premeditated  murder. And that brings me back to Maureen Beacom and the timing of my one-month detention coinciding with David Cameron lying on oath during the Leveson hearings….

[To be continued]

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