Why Owen Jones should be a socialist

“The real enemy of socialists is capitalism, not each other”. Those were Owen Jones’s words. Whatever happened to Owen?

Owen Jones pretends to be neutral in the leadership election, but nobody’s buying it. He’s crossed over to the other side. Half a million Labour Party members are proud of Jeremy Corbyn, with 93% of CLPs outside London backing him. At last, voters have the potential to elect a Prime Minister who can’t be bought by the British Establishment, by MI5, by CIA, by Rupert Murdoch. That’s why Owen Smith’s 172 ‘Anyone-But-Corbyn’ MPs want rid of him. How on Earth can any socialist not pick the right side? What the hell is wrong with you, Owen Jones?

Poor opinion polls are the fault of these Blairites,, and everyone with a brain can see that. Owen Jones’s pals are not socialists, they don’t want a world run by working people, for working people. They are cheerleaders for capitalist exploitation, maximising the rate of profit, synonymous with the rate of exploitation. They don’t support winning the full fruits of workers labour by means of public ownership in the means of production, distribution and exchange. They side with the capitalists. They love those born with silver spoons in their mouths. They want unearned income parasites treating the overwhelming majority of us as slaves: wage slaves to be precise. That’s why Tristram Hunt, Heidi Alexander, Chuka Umunna and the rest of them cross picket lines, or tell the exploited to surrender to the bosses, which amounts to the same thing.

Jeremy Corbyn is a different kind of Labour leader. And shame on Owen Jones for crossing to the other side of the ideological baricades. He may once have been a socialist, but those days have gone. Goodbye, Owen.


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