All socialists must join Labour immediately

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David Wearing has just written a great article that’s being shared a lot on Twitter. Every socialist, inside and outside the Labour Party, needs to read it:

This article is key in reining in Jeremy Corbyn’s critics within the PLP, Labour’s NEC, the commentariat — of both print and broadcast variety. And it also brilliantly exposes the idiocy of so-called left-wingers who are stabbing Corbyn in the back, those like Owen Jones.

Owen Smith’s supporters are as unelectable as you could possibly get. They are unelectable because they’re as clueless as they were when they ran Ed Miliband’s campaign. That campaign’s most notorious decision was carving gibberish onto a tombstone, with Lucy Powell saying just because he was carved pledges on stone that is no guarantee Ed Miliband wouldn’t break them if he ever worked out what they actually meant.

Owen Smith’s backers are those who couldn’t even stop David Cameron’s Tories winning a majority goverment with a mere 24% of the electorate. These people are the personification of incompetence, and the sooner they face up to that fact the sooner they can get on with the rest of their lives and leave the rest of us in peace.

Does Jeremy Corbyn get everything right? Of course not: he’s only human. We so-called ‘Corbynistas’ are no members of a cult. We frequently disagree with each other about what we as individuals think Corbyn did in fact get wrong. We welcome others joining us to help democratise the Labour Party to minimize mistakes, catching them in time, fixing them when they happen, as they obviously will from time to time.

What do I think Corbyn’s weaknesses are, and do I think they’re that important? For one thing, he’s not the great orator many on the left are used to. But Jeremy’s heart, brain and spine are all in proper working order, and that is the main thing. Jeremy Corbyn is also an excellent team builder, one who delegates, inspiring others to pull together for the greater good even when we don’t all 100% agree: majority votes settle arguments; that’s the most efficient way to resolve our differences, and it’s why democracy is such a wonderful thing.

All socialists need to get behind Jeremy Corbyn; and imho that means TUSC’s membership needs to join as members as soon as possible, doing so by committing themselves to Labour as the broad church of all the left, giving a 100% cast iron guarantee not to split the anti-Tory vote ever again under first-past-the-post. Why the urgency? Why not just sit back and see how Labour evolves without the intervention of so-called ‘Trots’?

Owen Smith has, yet again, legitimized a split in the Labour Party, not if but when he is utterly humiliated by half a million members. These members will not just sit back and watch this happen. They will pass votes of no confidence in each and every MP deliberately wrecking the party at Westminster to help propel Theresa May’s Tories back into office with 100 seat plus majority despite the fact that most voters reject these horrible bastards with every fibre of our being.

A whole new generation of MPs are about to be selected as the official Labour Party candidates. Do TUSC activists seriously want to wait for this process to take place without being at the CLP meetings, at Labour Party Conferences, etc?; until the decisions have all been taken? Gonnae no dae that?

Participate in all Labour Party debates; and get the best socialists selected internally as well as picked as Labour’s official candidates for the next general election etc. The debates taking place in the largest left-wing Party in Europe are not ones any credible part of the left can afford to examine as outsiders, as mere spectators who then have the luxury of saying, “I told you so,” when warnings went onheeded because Labour Party members don’t even remember that TUSC exists anymore.

The left outside Labour needs to win the ear of Labour’s activists, and of the less active members also. This isn’t ‘entryism’, although that is how it will be portrayed by Iain McNicol and by Tom Watson who happily waste a quarter million pounds on pointless legal battles to disenfranchise 130,000 members who joined the party to get the vote they were promised. No, the entryists are not socialists because we, all of us, are taking Jeremy Corbyn at his word: a broad church of the left is what every socialist needs, a political machine based on giving a voice to all the exploited and oppressed. Time is running out, comrades. Start joining today.

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