Deselect Ed Miliband; maybe expel Tom Watson

ED MILIBAND THE SUN SALESMAN  _75506566_022667108-1

Ed Miliband wants publicity for calling for a vote for Owen Smith. Why? Everyone already knew he was part of Smith’s discredited Chicken Coup. His sabotage of half a million Labour Party members has been there for all to see. He’s recycling old rubbish. And wants us to bow down before another fine mess he’s made.

No one gives a damn what Ed Miliband thinks anymore. His ‘leadership’ of the Labour Party was an unmitigated disaster. He couldn’t even beat David Cameron who was so unpopular he couldn’t secure a quarter of the electorate. Miliband’s behavior is beyond a joke. He publicised The SUN, then had to climb down as everyone remembered about Hillsborough and just about everything else that disgusting Murdoch rag has vomited onto the labour movement over the decades.

Miliband proved to be so clueless his entire leadership team repeatedly rubber stamped the Ed Stone fiasco. Remember the Ed Stone? Remember Lucy Powell defending it on the basis that his pledges were gibberish anyway, and even if anyone worked out what they meant just because he carved them on stone that’s no guarantee he won’t break them. This is Ed Miliband’s idea of a competent spokesperson. The Labour Party under his watch was a car crash cartoon show from Hell.

Ed Miliband needs to be deselected, and there’s no doubt he will be deselected. But he’s not the only Owen Smith propagandist getting the laughing gas of publicity today. Tom Watson’s behavior is infinitely worse than Miliband’s.

As a rule, I’m opposed to expulsions if for no other reason than that’s what most of Owen Smith’s MPs are trying to provoke. They want an excuse – any excuse – to split the anti-Tory vote. And they cannot be allowed to get their excuse. Deselection works just fine. If these unelectable MPs can’t stand being held accountable by their CLPs, then they know where the door is – but the choice will be theirs, and those who split of their own accord will find Labour voters far less forgiving.

As I say, I don’t want expulsions from Labour other than in the most extreme circumstances. But a reasonable case could, I would suggest, be made for Tom Watson being expelled. I very much doubt I’m the only Labour voter who sees the logic in this. It would, obviously, be carried through by due process, and he’d have a right to rebutt the charges, if he thinks he’s capable of doing that. But he’s bringing Labour into disrepute and is clearly preparing to split the party.

Half a million members won’t let him get away with that. If he supports the appeal to disenfranchise 130,000 members who were recruited on the basis they’d get a vote in any subsequent leadership election, and then found their vote had been stolen, then of course there’s been a breach of contract, and Tom Watson and Iain McNicol will have to pay the inevitable crippling legal costs. Tom Watson is not going to be allowed waste the precious funds of party members when it’s obvious he intends to split the Labour Party to help Theresa May form a majority Tory government.

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