Expel Iain McNicol?

IAIN MCNICOL TWITTER AVATAR  0a3404492c980ec4c1895780c2d1aec7

Iain McNicol has won his appeal. Three judges defend his ‘right’ to steal the votes of 130,000 Labour Party members. I had prepared myself for this. But I didn’t think it would happen. I let my guard down. But this decision is so obviously wrong it will be tempting for some of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters to try to overturn that appeal. Legally they could. But they could lose money they can’t afford. And if they won would it be worth it? If it was up to me I’d let Iain McNicol get away with what he’s done. It’s a Pyrrhic Victory. It simply reinforces what a nasty piece of work he is, a vote stealer, wasting party funds, and has brought the Labour Party into disrepute by reducing promises by the party to worthless rhetoric, just like a Lib Dem pledge.

Iain McNicol has stolen 130,000 votes. He’s got away with it. The judges who let him do that need to explain themselves. But their verdict is outrageous. What does this mean for Labour Party members? It means the general secretary of the Labour Party and the Deputy Leader are boasting about how their word is not their bond. They sold party membership on the basis they’d get a vote in the Labour leadership. They were sold dodgy goods. These people are contaminating the brand of Labour. Who will believe anything in a Labour Party manifesto if the general secretary and Deputy leader refuse to abide by it’s promises.

Tom Watson and Iain McNicol have brought the party into disrepute. Both need to consider their position. Watson has to face deselection, if his CLP wants that, and they will want that. And in my humble opinion, he should face expulsion.

Iain McNicol should be expelled too as far as I’m concerned. His behavior is beneath contempt. I expect he will be expelled and I would be very happy to see that.

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