Why Rosa Luxemburg?



This is not the first time I’ve chosen Rosa Luxemburg as my Twitter avatar. But I’ve revived it for a specific set of reasons.

Firstly, I’m as proud of being one of her supporters as I am of declaring myself a Labour voter who intends to help Jeremy Corbyn become the next Prime Minister.

I have never been a Labour Party member, although I was often asked to join. Until the victims of Neil Kinnock’s witch hunt decided to stand candidates against the official Labour candidate, I’d never voted anyone other than Labour. And those I voted for were elected. No less than six of them got elected to Holyrood, and we were set to grow ever stronger, were it not for the shenanigans of the British state’s police spies.

Tom Watson plans to split Labour. Be in no doubt about that. He’s doing everything he can to destroy the Labour Party on the way out, trying to bankrupt it with obscene court cases, ballot rigging on an industrial scale, lying about all manner of things.

The BBC, SKY News and Channel4 News bury the truth. But Labour Party members are not fooled, and nor are their core voters. Tom Watson’s smears about entryists are not working. They merely make members angrier and angrier. Nevertheless,…

Labour is growing, and it will keep growing. There is likely to be some peeling away of some supporters of Tony Blair at Westminster: Tom Watson, for reasons no one can understand, won’t let us call them ‘Blairites’, which is as daft as trying to ban the first Sex Pistols album; everybody knows what a Blairite is, and banning that word makes Big Brother’s ballot-riggers just look like clowns, or is Iain McNicol going to ban clowns too?

I voted for socialists against Labour although I haven’t done that for a decade or more. And when I did that, it was because Tom Watson and co purged these socialists out of Labour, and then galloped to the right, in the process dwindling the roots in Labour until it’s left with just one seat in Scotland, overtaken even by the wretched Tory Party at Holyrood.

Split votes are the responsibility of Neil Kinnock’s witch hunters, and then of Tony Blair. They left socialists with no alternative, and voters pinned responibility for the split on Labour. And now, finally, Jeremy Corbyn does give all socialists our alternative, real electoral unity for the first time since the mid-1980s. Neil Kinnock’s witch hunts never won a single general election: they merely paved the way for an ever deeper series of splits in the anti-Tory vote. Those days are over.

Tom Watson is terrified of socialists uniting into a single broad church of the left under first-past-the-post. I am far from terrified. Unity is strength. United we stand, divided we fall. An injury to one is an injury to all. The time is ripe for all socialists to get with the program. In England this is a no-brainer. We must join Labour, and then work for a Labour victory with Jeremy Corbyn as our undisputed choice for Prime Minister.

If the 172 MPs having been humiliated by half a million members split the Labour Party, what exactly will they say to Labour voters? They’ll face electoral annhilation. And well deserved it will be too. But that choice will be theirs.

Tom Watson may think he has a veto on which socialists can join Labour, but he’s sadly deluded. Socialists will join in growing numbers, working enthusiastically for a Labour government more than they ever have before. And they’ll be welcomed with open arms. Members and voters alike have an unquenchable thirst for unity, and that’s what they’re going to get.

Tom Watson is now behaving like Senator McCarthy. “Are you now or have you ever been a Trotskyist?” What is a Trotskyist, by the way? Trotsky insisted he wasn’t one, just as Marx said he was no Marxist. And if not being a Trotskyist was good enough  for Trotsky, then it’s good enough for me too. I probably am a Marxist though.

One reason I’m proud to declare my love for a lot of writings by Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky is that both were Jewish. Can I be accused of being anti-Semitic if I love so many Jews and the list is very long indeed, and I can’t get my head around why anyone would have a problem with someone being Jewish. It makes no sense to me.

Picking Rosa Luxemburg as my Twitter avatar kills two birds with one stone: not only was she also a Jew – as so many great Marxists were/are -; she was also a woman. I associate myself with a Jewish woman? Cool. Jeremy Corbyn fights sexism and anti-Semitism just like I do. Associating myself with Rosa Luxeburg merely reinforces that point.

The gender and ethnicity of Rosa Luxemburg has nothing to do with why she’s a great hero of mine. I love her for her politics.

Rosa Luxemburg was as great as any Marxist who has ever lived. She was murdered, died a martyr. She is a hero of international socialism, and I can think of no Marxist I’d more like to associate myself with as I contemplate joining Labour for the first time in my life.

Rosa Luxemburg didn’t want to split the SPD, and she was right to reject that idea. For precisely the same reason, socialists should not dream of splitting Labour today. First-past-the-post imposes compromises on all of us. The left outside Labour is up for negotiating compromises, and we are confident we will be allowed to play our full part in the rejuvenation of the Labour Party, sweeping Jeremy Corbyn to victory in a landslide against the party of rich  Tory parasites bleeding 99% of voters dry.


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